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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The True Face of Islam-Lest we forget, and get caught up with tolerant compromisers!

Blowing up buildings and beheading "Christian" children is the favorite past time of Islam, which will not rest until they have taken over the earth in the name of their god. Christians do not serve the same God as Islam.
The god of Islam, is a violent, merciless, and murderous god.
While the One True God is Love, Mercy and gives Eternal life.

Unfortunately America, who has rebelled against the One True God, and thumbed its nose at Him, has been turned over to a fearsome enemy, who will crush them, but for the Grace of God, and that with their governments permission.

While America was caught up in its prosperity, it was blinded by the hand of God, and now we have been turned over to our enemies, that we might be brought to our knees!

We are not the only nation on this earth however, that has been turned over, because of utter compromise and tolerance of the uttmost Evil.....

Islam is given by their god freedom to lie, steal, kill and destroy, so who is their god....not a hard question! Those who follow Islam have believed a lie, Yet God is able to save them.

Our God is able to save to the uttermost, and can save Muslims for His Glory!

This is a most amazing testimony of the grace of Almighty God!

May we all be a witness of God's Grace, and Mercy to those who hate Our God!
May we overcome Evil with Good as we love our enemies!

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jrpeacher said...

This war is not a politcal problem, it is a Jesus problem!
The Voice of The Martyres have an extensive ministry into islamic nations and communities. The way to change the political and terrorist mindsets are through the gospel of Christ Jesus. The walls of Islam also have to fall, just like the walls of Jericho years ago. Rockets and bombs will not defeat this enemy. God Himself will.