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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Love of God is Everlasting!

Saints, as are many of you, I am going through some hard times emotionally, yet I know my Lord sees all, and knows all, and has made provision. I also know that He is in control, and I trust Him.

There are places that we come to, that inspite of our pain, we just need to trust, and seek God, for an even greater measure of Faith. We must remember that He is able to do all things, and He is able to cause us to have the victory in the end.

Saints all the emotional pain and grief, that we all go through here on this earth, will vanish when we see Him. There will be no more grief in Heaven, and we shall be in the presence of the pure Love of God, with our fellow saints and loved ones for all eternity. Any sadness, any grief that we go through here will be compensated, when we feel the everlasting arms of God, embrace us on that day. Anything we have missed out on here, will be recompensed to us there, and we shall bask in the Love of God, and our loved ones (who are saved) and the saints forever. There will be none that shun there, there will be none that do not reach out with gentleness, meekness and kindness there. There will be no loneliness in Heaven.

All the good strength of our emotional loving, with longsuffering, and all good works, and kindness, comes from the heart of God. All the love that is pure, comes from God, for God is Love. He that is unable to experience, and give, and show, and manifest the pure love of God, does not know God.

If you life is minus love here, and I am not speaking of lustful desire, but the pure love that comes only from God, you shall receive a hundred fold times that, in the presence of the Most High and Holy God, and He shall whipe away all tears.

Be encouraged most precious and dear saints, and look up for your redemption draws near!


Anonymous said...

great post thanks

Bonny said...

Thanks dear sister. A timely word as always. I long for my eternal home!!

Bonny said...

Thanks dear sister. A timely word as always. I long for my eternal home!!