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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A J Miller Claims to be Jesus Christ


Anonymous said...

A.J. Miller is a charletan and a liar. Everycent donated goes into his own personal bank account, neither of the two registered companies seem to have a bank account. He preys on vulnerable people, splits up couples, by telling them they are not married to their true soulmate. He is NOT Christian, this cult is NOT Christian, they practice spirituism, chanelling, mediumship, etc. What he is doing to people by convincing them of his lies is despicable.

Jesus is true, Jesus does NOT lie, Jesus told us how He would return again and the manner of it in Revelation, so ask yourself this, if Jesus does not lie and he has told us how He will return, why would He then say He was 'reincarnated' now? This mere man, blasphemes God! He is his own 'god' because he sets himself up as one and teaches we can all be our own 'god'!

All this is my belief and as per my investigation of this man's activities.

A Seed Sower said...

Well said, anon