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Friday, November 18, 2011

November Update on Sarah

Update on my daughter Sarah...On October 14th I posted a link to my blog on her latest surgery, and the fact that the specialist said he had never seen any miracle reversals of her condition in her voice box....Quote: ..she is facing another surgery at a later date to permanently open the front of her vocal cords, as "the specialist said that they abscessed while she was in MICU". Evidently, according to the specialist, whilst she had her original breathing tube down through her mouth whilst she was on the ventilator."
We were told:
"Those abscesses have turned to a bone consistency, and according to the specialist, he has never seen any miracle return to normality, no miracle recoveries to normal." end quote
Well, I wanted God to show Himself to that man, I asked the saints to pray, and last tuesday when we took her back to K.C. they looked down her neck with a camera, and there has been a recovery of her voice box, a healing, a miracle..Saints, let me assure you that God can do anything!!!!
They are going to insert a smaller trach tube next week some time and give her 2 weeks to see if she can breath with it caped for long periods of time, then at the end of the two weeks we will take her back to K.C. and hopefully they will then remove the trach from her neck.
Please continue to pray for her salvation.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean that she no longer needs surgery and that she is fully recoverd? Wonderful news!

A Seed Sower said...

Depending on how well she can tolerate the cap on her trach, correct, she will not require surgery...All Glory to God who is our Great Physician!!

Randy Peacher said...

Sister Helen~ Praise be to God for your daughter's healing. You have great spiritual authority because your daughter falls under your household. When the prison doors rocked during the great earthquake that freed the Apostles, the jailer and his whole household were saved. I claim your daughters salvation on that basis; you can also. God saved us, He can save anyone. He can change a heart of stone and create a heart of flesh; He is going to do that very soon for the whole nation of Israel; He will do it for your daughter!

Amy said...

Hallelujah! Thank you so much for posting this news! I pray her heart will be melted by God's love and goodness to her and that she will yield and surrender to believe in Him.

A Seed Sower said...

God bless you Amy, thank you for your prayers..Helen

Melinda said...

Praise God Sis. Helen. I know our God is in the miracle working business. I will still be praying for her complete recovery, but importantly her salvation. GREAT NEWS....God bless you!!!

A Seed Sower said...

God bless you also sis Melinda!