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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Personal Reflection-for your edification saints of God

I was talking with the Lord this morning, and He reminded me of some people in my early life, and where everything they were, and everything they had, is now, and of what little eternal benefit it all was for them, because they lacked Him.

In retrospect of my early life, I can see that all those who treated me cruelly, those who refused me love and care, also those who I was envious of at the time, those who had families, who had each other, who had all that I did not have.

Many now are dead, and they died never knowing Jesus Christ, and all their education, and all their money, did them no good at all in the day of their deaths. Now they await judgment day, and I know on that day, God will let them know that although to them I was worthless, He loved me.

And then He pointed to the Miracles that He has done for me, even when I thought I was so alone, so insignificant to those of the world, so worthless, so wicked, so helpless, and hopeless. He reminded me of whom He comes after, the lost sheep, the wounded sheep, the needy sheep, the weak, those who have no strength, the hopeless, He comes after those considered “the black sheep” of their earthly families, those in need of Him.

I was the black sheep of my earthly family, I was lost and floundering and wicked and needy, but He found me, He drew me unto Himself and He washed me as white as snow in His precious blood... He created a new heart in me, He gave me of His strength, He gave me Hope, He gave me a future, He gave me Life, and He loves me.

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