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Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's about Endurance saints not enjoyment!

Our walk with Christ is not about Enjoyment, it's about Endurance, it is not written, that he who enjoys life to the end shall be saved, it is written, he who endures to the end shall be saved!
So no matter how terrible things are for you, if you lean on the Lord He will help you endure to the end, He will cause you to endure to the end, for He has promised to be with us even unto death, and we, as of yet, have not had to suffer unto death striving against sin..


Spiritsday said...

I wonder if most Saints realize that it is only the "Overcomers" that will inherit the right to rule and reign in Christ's Kingdom? And so one must ask themselves, "What have I overcome?"

Have you overcome all the warnings given by Jesus to all seven churches in the Book of Revelation? Have you overcome the falling away from your First Love? Have you overcome the teachings of the Nicolaitans? Have you overcome the stumbling-block of Balaam? Have you overcome the sacrificing of your children to idols? Have you yourself eaten of those things sacrificed to idols? Have you overcome the seductive eyes of Jezebel’s spirit?

Search your life: Have you overcome “sleep?” Can say your constant occupation, both mental and physical, is always on the person of Lord Jesus Christ? Have you overcome the fear of confessing Jesus before family and friends? Have you overcome those who say they are Jews but are not? Have you overcome a lukewarm and sickly Christian faith? Have you overcome the lust for material things? Have you overcome anger, bitterness and pride? Have you overcome gossip, self-pity, and unforgiveness? Have you overcome persecution for your faith? Have you overcome prosperity? Have you overcome the temptations, lusts, and desires of your own body? Have you overcome the temptations of the world and worldly enterprises? Have you overcome your love for the world?

Search your heart: Is Jesus paramount in all your ambitions and affections? Is He the Lord over everything you possess and say and do? Is Jesus the absolute object of your every waking moment? Is He the stated center, goal and purpose of your entire life—day by day, moment by moment? Is Jesus Christ always upon your lips in social conversations? Do you speak of Him to family, friends, acquaintances? Do you witness the salvation message to strangers? Is His Word moving and active in your mind and thoughts? Do you eat His Word and drink His Spirit? Do you hunger and thirst for the Living God?

If you cannot truly say “Yes,” that He is the absolute center and goal of all your plans and purposes; that He is the absolute sovereign over every area and detail of your life; that He is the ultimate and paramount love of all your heart, soul, mind and strength—then be advised, you are already set up for the great deception! For by your heart and life you have proved that Jesus is not first in your affections and intentions, He is not the absolute sovereign and ruler of your life, He is not your Intimate Friend—which is your only protection! Therefore YOU WILL fall into the grand delusion; for it is only a close, personal, intimate, obedient walk with the Lord Jesus that will protect you!

A Seed Sower said...

Good word Spiritsday!