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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Hearts of Wicked Men-The Love of Money

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God would strike me dead if I even contemplated fleecing HIS flock....
The wicked man has said in his heart..."If I can make a profit off what the people want to hear, so be it. If I have something to sell that they want, why not take full advantage of it, and them."

So many today are fleecing the sheep, web sites are rife with "Donate" buttons, set by greedy men and women, willing to make their living off the unsuspecting sheep. All the while these men laugh all the way to the bank, and the sheep are none the wiser.
Beware saints, there is always another one out there, just waiting to shed your fleece....
Give to the needy saints, give to those who need your help, not those who are not willing to work, and instead seek to live off their admirers. They are no different than the church at large who brow beat the congregation to tithe, so they can live in the lap of luxury.

By all means support one who has need of it, for the spread of the truth of the gospel, but just be wary for many have sprung up on the Internet, and ceased the opportunity to rid you of your money, for their own greedy gain. Many a rat, and many a snake, are lurking to feed off the flock of God. A speedy judgment awaits them all!
Remember if someone is hawking a book or such, for a price, and is not willing to share the Truth free of charge-don't pay for that book. You have need of one book, that is the Word of God, buy that and sell it not!
A true child of God has no need to beg. If God sets someone up in ministry or to minister to others - He provides, He makes a way, there is no need for a "donate button", there is no need for a fund raiser!

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