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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

But God!

Saints we see, hear and know of all the gross evil about and amongst us today, and we know the hour in which we are living, but God wants us to have our hope our trust our faith in Him, and His abilities to go to battle on our behalf.

I am in the midst of a trial, as are many of you, yet what is my faith, what is your faith if we believe the lies of Satan?

We must have hope when situations look impossible, we must have trust when we can see no way out, we must have faith when we can not see the end of a thing, and know that God is able to work all things for our good, because we love Him, and we belong to Him. He is a loving and a faithful Father, he is a loyal and trusted Friend. He has our best interests at heart, although it may not seem like it at times as our flesh may suffer for a time. He is working to perfect us continuously.

For some of you this may seem pretty repetitive, but let me tell you saints as much as I hear of the evil today and witness it first hand, I cry for some to give words of encouragement to the brethren. What is it to tell of all the evil, yet not give words of encouragement to your brethren?

The brethren need to be reminded that they serve the same God who created all things, the same God who delivered his people mightily, out of the hand of their enemies. He delivered them with a strong hand, and He kept them for 40 years in the wilderness whilst they murmured and complained. Saints we must not complain in our trials, we must not, we must realise that God is working something out in us, something that perhaps is hidden in us, He knows what we need saints.

If we allow God to work in us in our trials we will grow, we will hear from Him in greater ways, we will be used for His Glory as His light shines in us.

So saints you may be cumbered with a heavy load, that almost seems to weighty to bear, you heart may feel as if it is going to bleed -but for God! So cry out to HIM saint of God for He is able to deliver you, and give you comfort, and strengthen you, and present you faultless before HIS throne!!!

And saints look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh!!!

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