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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Too Many Voices

Saints I tell you the whole earth, and the church is stark raving bonkers..there are so many and varied voices in the earth, and the church today, and all claim to be "right" that you best be baptised in the Holy Ghost and filled to overflowing or you will be drowned by all the voices, and the so called "wisdom of men".
It just astounds me how easily people are swayed from the pure truth of the gospel..but then again we have countless "christians" today telling folks, well the scripture doesn't really mean this, it means that, oh that doesn't apply to us, it only applies to many voices, so many opinions, so much confusion, sent from the enemy of our souls.
Satan is more subtile than many have the concept to understand, and he has one plan, and that is to seal your soul saint of God, so beware!   

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