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Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Testimony-Sarah's Homecoming Part 1

A Testimony-Sarah’s Homecoming Part 1

On Friday morning January 16th 2015, I sent my husband, to check on Sarah’s welfare, as she had been sick with an infection that week, and had dosed herself up with pain pills the night before. Her father had actually helped her into bed that night, as she was a bit out of it, (which was a pretty common occurrence, so we just thought of it as just another night). I had gone to bed and prayed for her and I told God I trusted Him with her, after all He had kept her through the last few years under much more dire situations, and circumstances.

Within a few minutes my husband called me and told me to call 911, and tell them to hurry. I couldn’t walk next door, I didn’t want to know what was wrong.

I did walk outside within a few minutes, still on the phone to the 911 dispatcher. It seemed to take for ever for the paramedics whom had come often to her aid, to arrive. When they arrived and went inside, I saw my husband walk out the back door of the trailer towards me, when he got within a few feet of me, he simply said, “She’s gone”.

This coming May it will have been 4 years since her overdose, and these last years were the worst of her life, and hard as it was for her it was hard as parent to witness. I had so prayed and believed that the Lord would save her soul, and that she would be a living testimony here on the earth of His deliverance and healing power. This was not how I was hoping for her story ended, with her death, and it was very hard for me. This was not the outcome my heart desired.

To those of you who have followed Sarah’s story either through face book posts or the You tube video series, you know that Sarah had many physical disabilities, many of which grew as they were exacerbated by her lifestyle. Sarah had suffered much heartache, and she did not know how to deal with life, it was easier for her to medicate her pain with prescription drugs and street drugs, she was in bondage of the devil, he lied to her and he deceived her.

I was content in my soul to wait until Judgment day if necessary to learn of Sarah’s eternal fate, and the Lord knew my heart.

Friday as I began to share on face book, a dear sister posted the following photo (a depiction of Jesus holding the girl in his arms) with a scripture below it, I barely remembered what the scripture was. That night, Friday, I woke up around midnight, and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart “Be strong and take courage”, I knew there was a gospel song of that title, and determined to look it up come morning. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night for thinking and praying.

When I got up in the morning, I did a scripture search on the computer but couldn’t find the scripture that matched in total, and my mind was not running at 100% capacity. I found scriptures on being strong, and on courage but nothing containing the two. And as I checked my Face book page that morning, and scanned down to check the posts and comments, I happened upon the picture
once again, of Jesus holding the little girl in His arms, and when I looked down, under the picture this was what I read ....

Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." Deuteronomy. 31:6

I thought to myself well God is telling me to be strong, and that He was not going to fail me nor forsake me, but I didn’t understand how the “fear not, nor be afraid of them” applied in this case.

Saturday morning I called some dear friends of ours to share that Sarah had died, friends who happen by the way, to be Lutherans, not charismatic or Pentecostal and so not in the habit of giving “words” to people, as is the custom in some of the charismatic and Pentecostal realms. My friends husband, actually stopped mid sentence as we were talking and said, “The Holy Spirit just told me that Sarah cried out to God and He was just waiting for her to do that, and He heard her cry and in the twinkling of an eye Helen, He saved her, and she is with Jesus.”

Now that was very comforting, yet I needed confirmation directly from the Lord for myself, because if God is really speaking to us, any of us, He will confirm it.
Saturday during the day, Sarah’s husband called from the prison. He had been saved back in 2009 when he initially went to jail. He told me that he had received the interpretation of a dream he’d had about Sarah a few years ago, that he had shared with me at the time, a dream we had both puzzled over and speculated what the interpretation of it was. In his dream he had seen Sarah behind bars, yet she was glowing. We had both thought well perhaps her life style was going to land her behind bars, and she would get saved. He told me the Lord had revealed to him that the bars were the chains that Satan had Sarah bound with, and she was glowing because she had at some point given her life to Christ, even though all we around her could see, were the bars, her addictions, the bondage she was in, we couldn‘t see through the eyes of the Spirit but now she was in the presence of God, reflecting His light and His Glory.

So there was the Second confirmation, but I still needed to hear from the Lord directly for myself.

Meanwhile I had a God given little friend who came along side me, to guide me through all that needed to be done for Sarah’s Memorial Service, to be held the Tuesday following her death. This precious saint asked, if I would like to have an open mike after the pastor spoke, and explained that I, or any family or friends could get up and share about Sarah. Now God provided this church and this pastor, as many of you are aware I do not “attend” a “church”, and this is a church that this dear little saint had been taking my youngest grandson to, and God knew that we were to need a place to hold a memorial service and just when we were going to need it.

As I said, I was willing to wait until judgment day to know Sarah’s eternal fate, so I was really undecided if I could speak and share or not, and what I could say.
End of Part 1

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