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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Learn to let go! - A Testimony

Well I tell you saints, Satan does not want this small testimony out there, I have typed it out on Face book twice, and been frozen out, then bounced out, so let me tell you there is more than one way to pluck a duck.... so I thought, blog it, then post it to face book...

The Lord knows how to move on His saints, He knows us better than we know our selves, and He knows how to push our buttons, and guide and direct us in the way we should go, if we are willing to submit all, and launch out into the deep, and come out of our comfort zones.

I had no idea, that when the Lord moved me to have the cable TV cut off,  He had plans for that money.. and His plan was to provide the much needed braces for my grandson. For my face book friends this next part is a repeat, but bear with me...there is more after.

Saints, the Lord worked a miracle for our youngest grandson to get braces, which he really needed. I told the Doctor and his administrator when we went for the consultation today, that I had my cable TV cut off, so that we now would have more funds to put toward his braces, they asked me how much the cable bill was, and I told them.

I had initially been told by them, over the phone, that I would have to pay on the down payment (which was $1,700) for 6 months before they could even start, then it would be $213.00 month until they were paid off. Yes they knew Gideon's dad is in prison, and his mother died this year, from their dentist, who has offices next door. Well I know that the Lord moved on their hearts, because when they brought me the contract to sign, the payments were the price of my old monthly cable TV bill,  but they then said, "Would he like to get them on today?", I cried, and Gideon was just thrilled. Praise God, and both the Doctor and his administrator asked me to pray for them, and I shall, and I ask you all to pray for them as well. God is Faithful.

I had also testified to the Doctor and his assistant, why I had the cable TV cut off, because of all the evil garbage, and people pushing their own agendas, and how one network took of a clean show to put more trash on. All this was before they brought me the contract. 

Before I took Gideon to the appointment, I told him, in front of his friends, that "Today is just a consultation, you won't be able to get your braces for 6 months until Nanny has paid the down payment." They were all shocked when they asked Gideon to go back to get the braces on, while  both of his friends sat and watched, and they wanted to know how come? I told them that I would tell them all when we got out to the van, and I did and I told them all, and that it was a miracle of God.

I also want to add, that his older brother also needs braces, not aesthetically like Gideon does, but to help his jaw. Yet he gave up his opportunity to have braces, because he felt his little brother needed them more. I am also trusting that the Lord, and I have no idea how, but that God will make the way for Gabriel to get braces also in a couple of years, if we are all still here. The Lord knows, and He is truly our provider.

So saints, just submit to God, and trust Him to lead and guide you by His Holy Spirit, even when something is hard for you to let go of, let it go, God has such plans for His people, and we are the biggest hinderers to those plans most of the time. That is why He likens us to sheep!

I tell you I feel so good since I cut that ole cable TV off!

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