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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earthquakes-Do We Trust Men’s Thoughts or God’s Word?

Not being a fan of Pat Robertson's particular form of doctrine, does not however, prevent me from saying, "Was he lying about the fact of Haiti making a pact with the devil?"
"NO, the fruit of that pact speaks for itself."
The majority of humanity has made a pact with the devil, because if you're not for God your against HIM.

If we are to claim that God has had his hand for good, on America because of the number of believers, then we can also say with certainty, that God has had his hand against Haiti, because of the number of rebellious, idolatrous Satan worshiping, unbelievers. Why, even some Haitians have begged God to forgive them for their sins since the earthquake occurred. They are fully aware of the state of their nation, the whole earth has witnessed the evil of their nation for 100's of years.
In response to my last blog in Regards to the earthquake in Haiti, a brother left this comment:
“Being in the time of grace changes how God deals with lost men in these days...until the White Throne.”

I beg to differ, I have seen God bring judgment into peoples lives to bring them to repentance. It is a fact, that God judges on a daily basis in the earth, as He has always done.

Then I also ask, “Who or what is causing the earthquakes?”
“Has God left His creation to fend for itself?”
“Is God not the creator of the earth and its inhabitants, is it not His hand that moves upon all to do His will?”
"Is the God of the Old Testament not the God of the New Testament?"
“Has the God of Heaven gone on hiatus, no longer to exercise control over His creation?”
"Is it not God Himself who keeps the earth on its axis?"

Man comforts himself with the psalms, and takes lessons from Old Testament servants of the Lord-yet they reject the fact that God still moves upon the earth in judgment today?

I highly recommend you all reading an excellent sermon from the 1700’s by the brother of John Wesley-Charles Wesley, it is titled, “The Cause and Cure of Earthquakes”


DianaK(creeky37) said...

Amen. Well said! They don't have to make a pack. The whole unsaved world is in a pack with the Devil. You're either in the Kingdom of God or you're not.

randy said...

God rules in the affairs of man. He sets up kingdoms and He removes them at will. He is in total control. If a wicked kingdom lasts for a season, it is so that the deprivaty of man may be exposed for all to see. Everything is according to His eteranl purpose. I agree whole heartedly with your thoughts on this subject. To quote Brother Dave Wilkerson on any subject of the hour, "God is in total control"!