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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interesting Haitian Earth quake Facts

Haitian Voodoo practitioners

I was watching the news this morning in regards to the Haitian earth quake disaster and low and behold they ran some aerial before and after of the rulers "Palace" (a ruler who lives in a palace while his people live in poverty!), one of the "Justice" department (there have been massive human rights violations going on in Haiti, many by UN troops sent to help), and one of the "National" (Roman Catholic) Cathedral..which had a large cross shaped roof....(Incidentaly the Roman Catholic Church allows Haitians to practice their voodoo and mix it with their Catholicism).
These 3 land marks caught my attention because you would think that all 3 would have been the most sturdy, all three were totally destroyed!
I might add that the UN headquarters was destroyed as well.......Makes ya think!
The prison was destroyed also and captives set loose-chaos rules in Haiti

It is also commonly known of all the witchcraft, voodoo and abominations committed by a great number of the population in Haiti. The Abominations of the Roman Catholic Church allowing yet more idolatry and absolute wickedness in it's midst. Surely she is a great spiritual whore.
God has sent a message! Only a fool pays no heed!

Does God have compassion on those who repent and cry out to Him, of course!
Does God have compassion on the innocent children-of course, and any child of God is going to be moved by such a disaster.

But! .....was there a reason for this disaster?

Mercy follows Judgement!!!
It is being reported that Pat Robertson, said this is a result of Haitians deal with the devil, when they wanted deliverance from the French years ago. The Haitians have certainly lived up to their end of the deal, daming their own souls, and the souls of their children in the process!
Update: Who's running Haiti?-"No one", say the people!


Anonymous said...

Did you hear comments on Robertson remark?
Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas called Robertson arrogant during an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday.

“It is absolute arrogance to try to interpret any of God's actions as a judgment against this person or that person,” the Southern Baptist minister said. “ Our duty as Christians is to try to help these people pray for these people and to help them."

Similarly, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, responded to Robertson’s “embarrassing” remarks by highlighting the“Theological arrogance matched to ignorance.”

In a commentary posted Thursday, Mohler acknowledged that Haiti has a well-known history of the occult, voodoo, and sorcery. He also said he agrees that God does and will judge the nations and has sovereign power over everything.

But the highly respected evangelical scholar said “we have no right to claim that we know why a disaster like the earthquake in Haiti happened at just that place and at just that moment.”

“We can trace the effects of a drunk driver to a car accident, but we cannot trace the effects of voodoo to an earthquake – at least not so directly,” Mohler contended.

“Will God judge Haiti for its spiritual darkness? Of course,” he added. But humans cannot claim to understand the judgment of God.

To illustrate his point, Mohler brought out a series of unanswerable questions.

“Why did no earthquake shake Nazi Germany? Why did no tsunami swallow up the killing fields of Cambodia? Why did Hurricane Katrina destroy far more evangelical churches than casinos? Why do so many murderous dictators live to old age while many missionaries die young?” he posed.

Mohler argued that instead of asking if God hates Haiti, people should simply say that God hates sin and know that individual sinners and nations will be punished.

“[T]he earthquake reminds us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real message of hope. The cross of Christ declares that Jesus loves Haiti – and the Haitian people are the objects of his love,” Mohler concluded. “Christ would have us show the Haitian nation his love, and share his Gospel. In the midst of this unspeakable tragedy, Christ would have us rush to aid the suffering people of Haiti, and rush to tell the Haitian people of his love, his cross, and salvation in his name alone.”

A Seed Sower-Merely one of the brethren! said...

Natasha, thanks for taking time to pour out your heart dear sister.

The Lord will move for all those who seek Him. The people of the Lord will have many an opportunity to minister to the lost and the injured and the dying,because God is a God of Mercy and Grace.

But lest we forget -God is angry with the wicked every day. It is He who moves the earth.
God has shown His soverignty in this, and it is a message to all of us...San Franciso may be the next great quake-not a prophecy!!!

New Orleans was a city filled with wickedness to it's core...God Moved the ocean...and God also worked miracles in the midst of chaos...because God is Good and God is Faithful. God sent a message! But have the people of this country heard it?

God sent a message on 9/11 when he removed the hedge he had around America, but did the people hear?
Yes...for a very short season.
God will continue to allow disaster and tragedy because unfortunately for some that is the only thing that gets their attention, the only thing that jogs them,the only thing that will bring them to their knees.

Do we have compassion for these people-of course, did not God have compassion on us when we were in sin?
But I thank God for allowing me to come to the end of myself in 1980, and look up and see HIM.
I pray many in Haiti will do the same.
God bless you sister!
I believe I will blog this reply lest others feel like you do.

randy said...

The wrath of Hitler served God's purpose. The 1000 years of Aryan rule petered out in less than a dozen years. The arrogance of earth's rulers was exposed. The nations of the earth were exposed for their anti semitism; America setting up barriers for Jews to escape, Great Britain not allowing Jews to enter what was then called Palestine, although it was always Israel in the eyes of God. The foundations were laid after the war for the establishment of the new European Union, and so on. Volumns could be written regarding WW I and II.

Regarding Cambodia, Sudan and a multitude of other genocides, their is a cup of iniquity that is being filled, and it is even now reaching its brim. The tragedy of the past and the present attest to this. Mankind is so iron headed that death can be staring him in the face and he still does not acknowledge God! The judgments that come can be taken into proportion to how hard our head is!!!