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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Mighty Wind dot com-Satan Has A Way of Exposing Himself and His Children!

I posted Religious Diva's Part 4 just last night, and already one of Reverend/Pastor/Prophetess/Bishop/Rabbi/Apostle, of ""....Sherri Elizabeth Elijah Nikoma's disciples sent me messages coming at me with curses and threats...this young fellow does the same thing to all who he perceives as coming against his idol.

Listen saints, the most sure way to have the truth confirmed, in regards to a false prophet and teacher, is to sit back and wait for their defenders to the case of Rev. Sherri it didn't take but one shake of a lambs tail...

If we are truly a child of the Living God, and working for His Glory, we have no need of a man to defend us...God is our defender-Amen-Our ever present Help in time of trouble-Our High Tower!

It is so sad to see this young man so devoted to this woman, and I know he is not the only one. It saddens me so any time I see anyone so deceived by a Seer and Soothsayer. I pray that the LORD open this young mans eyes to the deception that is Rev. Sherri!

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