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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Truth About Those Behind The INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PRAYER and it's practices

Revised 4/18/2010 It has been falsely asserted that this pastor (who is since deseased) recanted on this article, he did not.

How ever often when you are a part of the organized apostate church system yourself, it seems that when the pressure is applied, you are effectively intimidated into silence, because you have a living and ministry to loose yourself!

That is why the scriptures say that we are to be charged/indebted to no man, because when we depend on others for our ministry, we are in bondage to them, and not to God Himself...and we are easily pressured to fold. Pastors fold to church boards and elders, to members of the congregation, ministerial alliances, and to other ministries intimidation tactics.

Jesus Christ never intended that He be made a commodity, or that His disciples make a living from the Gospel, or that they make a career out of Preaching. It was supposed to be all about lost souls and THE TRUTH!

The question is when souls are at stake, do we just keep silent for the sake of "Unity", when there can be no "Unity" except there be agreement of The Truth.

Stand up men of God, and stand firm to the end, without fear and without compromise!

Get a backbone and fear GOD not MAN!!!! Stand for truth and stand against the evil and expose it....

The hour is short and the day is at hand when all SHALL give account to The KING OF KINGS and The LORD OF LORDS...Who is coming with a flaming sword to wreak vengeance upon HIS enemies.....

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DianaK(creeky37) said...

It's terrible for a minister of the Gospel to sell out for a buck. He should fear God and not what a mere mortal man may do to him. WAKE UP CHURCH!!!!! (Before it's too late)