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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are You Resistant to Change and some what Anxious of the Unknown?

I was doing some thinking this morning ... imagine that!

Anyway, I have always been one who doesn't take to easily to change, apprehension of the unknown ya know!? And I have been undergoing some changes this last year or so, with yet more to come.

But I was thinking God never changes, He is the one constant and consistent presence in the lives of the children of God. Where ever we go He goes, and He goes ahead to make the way for us. We have no need to be concerned of change when we belong to Him, because He leads us in the path that we should go.

He has so many and varied reasons for the changes He brings into our lives, but mainly that we learn to have absolute trust in Him.

There is no place in the Heavens above nor the earth beneath that we can go to escape from the hand of God, and that includes for the purpose of our good.

God is ever present, and with us in and through all things. We can lean on Him and be guaranteed that He will sustain us through any and all circumstances that may arise in our lives.

Jesus Christ is our Rock!
I don't know about you saint of God, but I say Amen to these words from the old hymn ...
"On Christ the solid Rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand!!!!

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Bonny said...

Love that hymn! It is the one I sing when everything around is in turmoil.