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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Testimony of the Glory of God

For months since my daughter and her boys moved in with us we have not been able to find her glasses. I thought I packed them in a box of stuff from her kitchen, in a safe place, so we unpacked over a dozen boxes and repacked them, and didn't find the glasses. I prayed several times, "Oh God please help me find her glasses"... to no avail...

A lot has happened in my daughters life this last year, and she was so lost, and so uninterested in God, yet of late He has been dealing in a very heavy way with her, and drawing her by His Holy Spirit. She in turn has been responding to His wooing and starting to try and read the Bible.

Well today I went into her closet and started to go through some more plastic boxes, where I thought perhaps I had packed her glasses, I picked up her Bible and I said once more, "Oh Lord please please help me find her glasses, she needs them to read her Bible." and the Lord said,

"They are in a coat pocket!" ... and a little light went on in my head, and so we started searching coat pockets, and sure enough in the inside pocket of one big jacket, there were her glasses, Glory to God! now she can read her Bible without eye strain....God is Good!!
This was a real "God thing" because this old gal, had no recollection of it being in any coat pocket, but packed away!!!!
My daughter is so thrilled, she just asked me if I wanted to sit outside with her and read our Bibles together!


Saint L said...

Thanks for sharing this, what a joy and encouragement to read this morning!

DianaK(creeky37) said...

What a wonderful testimony this ordeal (trial) is to the goodness of our Lord! Yes, he will seek out and find His lost sheep...even the ones who are so reluctant to be found. But His grace is irresistable and His sheep are found and brought into the fold. And isn't it just like Him to have you find those glasses in that pocket. Glory to you, O Lord! You are marvelous, indeed. All praise, honor and glory be unto you our King of kings and Lord of lords!

Natasa said...

Such encouragement!