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Monday, August 30, 2010

When God Closes The Door, No Man Can Open it!

There is an uproar beginning across the land, because some ministers of the Gospel, from other lands, are not being allowed to cross our boarders, here in America.
Mean while the enemies of God have free access and are coming in by the thousands daily. This is the hand of God saints, He has shut the door to one group, and opened the door to His enemies to overrun our land!

While many have slumbered and slept, the enemy has filled our land.

Let God speak peace to your heart those of you who are deeply troubled by this occurrence, know that God is in control.

When God calls us to do Him service, we don’t have to fight our own battles, for He shall fight them for us, and prepare the way for us, and He shall preserve us, and defend us, and we shall prosper in all that we put your hand to do, for His Glory.

When God anoints us to do a work for Him, and a door slams shut in our face, then trust that it is God Who has shut the door….and when a door opens, then know that the Lord is leading us to where we need to go….

No need to kick and scream at the door that is closed to us…no need to lament and wring our hands, for it was closed for His purpose. We must Trust Him.

He shall open and no man shall close, and He shall close and no man shall open. Revelation 3:7

When God has a mission for us, He shall cause us to accomplish all that He has set for us to do. Know, as with Nehemiah, when he was scorned and despised by the wicked, when God set for him to rebuild Jerusalem, and that as God prospered the way of Nehemiah, so shall he prosper our way, for His set purpose.
Those who have their own plans, set from their own hearts, and expect God to prosper them, and bless them, will be in the end sorely disappointed.
Many are rising up to fight against Islam, Obama, and the like, and they are fighting against God Himself, for He has appointed these against this nation, he set Obama in his position, He is causing our enemies to over run us, should we fight against God?
What we ought to do is fall on our faces and seek God for His will in these matters. Instead men seek publicity, and seek a name for themselves for posterity, and to be called great, and the restorer of the breach, when God has not called them to restore the breach, for the breach is too great to be restored by the hands of men, for the breach has been created by God.

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Beth said...

Amen sister! <3 Our God is in control!