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Sunday, January 29, 2012

If we truly are the clay and He truly is the Potter....

Then we are His workmanship. The more this fact sinks into our souls the more free, and at peace we become, the more we are able to truly rest in Him.

Can the clay say to the potter, “I made myself pliable” ?
Can the clay say to the potter, “I contributed much to my making” ?

Therefore saint of God rest in Him, for He shall complete that which He has begun in you!


Randy Peacher said...

Oh that our ears were fine tuned to hear His voice instead of the multitude of voices that say they are speaking for Him! I want those sensitive ears more than anything else.

sarah said...

YES! Amen! The Lord sunk this into my heart about 10 years ago and with it brought tremendous peace.
Trust! Oh Trust in the Lord Jesus our Savior, He is so worthy.
love you sister,

A Seed Sower said...

Amen it takes all the stress and strain of "Am I doing enough" off of your mind...we can never do enough...