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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh the frenzy of those who involve themselves in politics!

I fear that many are waisting there precious time, in fact I know many are waisting their time, allowing themselves to get all worked up over politics and polititians.

Are these the things God told us to devote our time to?
Ah nope!
These are the things that the world concerns themselves with, and we are to be in the world and not of it, are we not?

We are to desire the Lord to rule over us, not a mere man.
We had best beware lest the Lord give us the desire of our hearts.
The thing that we think we want, may just be our ruin! 

Man's problem has always been, his desire for self rule.

Man can not legislate righteousness, it has been tried before, by God Himself. Even He realised that it was fruitless for faithless men, to attempt, on their own steam, to follow the law. Hence the need for Jesus Christ, the ultimate sacrifice, the Righteous one.
He Who imputes His righteousness to us, that we might be accepted of and All Holy God, because if left to our own righteousness, we would fail every time!

Why are "Christians" still seeking for men to reign over them?
Listen, this type of desire, is going to lead to an even greater delusion, one that shall result in many being led under the rule of the Anti-Christ.

Saints of God divert your zeal for politics, into being a witness for Jesus Christ, before it is too late, and the deception is complete. This world is not our home we are just passing through, wake up saints, wake up!


aziasaidwhat said...

So, you are saying that a true Christian shouldn't care about the policies the governing elected officials are putting into place while he is on the Earth? Because God is the one to rule over us? Not the President, the Congress, Police, ?

A Seed Sower said...

Oh we are ruled over by earthy governments certainly.
However God is the one Who places those powers in their office.
He has not abdicated His Throne!

Randy Peacher said...

I agree with your analysis, Sis. Helen. God will give a nation the ruler they deserve. If a nation has a heart of respect for God, He will give them a godly ruler, or at least a ruler who will let the people of God worship as they please. If a nation begins to fall away(as has America) He will send them corrupt rulers, then send ruin to the economy, then destructive storms, then strong delusion that everything will be alright! That we can work things our ourselves. The last is the most dangerous. The only way to repair this massive damage is sack cloth, ashes, repentance and dependence upon the mercies of God. The Prophet Daniel identified with the sins of Israel; so must Believers in America. If we do not do this, we are doomed.