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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Lord is Truly our Good Shepherd

Let me tell you saints of God, just on the off chance you don't have this inbedded in your soul already, the Lord is Good, and Merciful and Longsuffering and Kind and Gentle, and although He is the Greatest of all, He is not puffed up with Himself, but He is Humble.

He knows His power, and His authority, and He is not afraid to use it, but He uses it for our certain Good, He has no alteria motive because He is the Good Shepherd, and He is the keeper of our souls.

So fear not little sheep, for He is able to keep you and lead you down what ever path He has for your life. You can trust Him with your every step, for he will not lead you astray.

All He requires is that you be Faithful to Him, even, if necessary, unto death.


NataĊĦa said...


Randy Peacher said...

We are the sheep of His pasture; He is the Good and Faithful Shepherd. Thank you for the encouragement!

A Seed Sower said...

Nice to see your photo there bro Randy, it is my reasonable service to encourage my fellow brethren!

Amy said...

Thanks I needed this!