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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Conquerer Has Vanquished the Enemy of Our Souls!

When ever my heart is sick, and I am distraught at the things I see around me,  I think of what my saviour endured...I think on what God has suffered on my account, on those who dispised and rejected Jesus, and spat upon Him, and taunted Him. I then remember that I am being made a partaker of His suffering, in a very small way, that when He is revealed I may rejoice with Him in Glory. If I suffer with Him, I shall also reign with Him!
I also remember that this current world is not all there is, that there is coming a day in which true Godly righetousness shall reign, all evil shall be vanquished by His mighty hand.
So saints although we are counted as sheep for the slaughter, we are more than conquerers through Him that loved us...loved us enough to save our souls, and prepare a place for us that where He is there we may be also!
Though you may be sorely tried, it is for your eternal benefit, that you might be a witness of the Great keeping, and sustaining power, of Almighty God, for He is able to keep those who have been committed to Him!!!
Therefore we hope in Him, though we see no answer, we hope in Him though we see no way out, for faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of which we do not see....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sermon Index's Live/Dead-Simulcast "Event" Oct 21-11 2011!!!!

Sermon Index's Live Simulcast Event Oct 21-22, for me was more like the night of the living dead!!!!!

Oh my lands saints, I was sent a link yesterday by Andrew Stroms ministry, to a live stream simulcast “event”, and saints it got me so angry at times, I had to turn down the volume so I could not hear the fakeness in some of the people, especially the so called “worship” leader. He was so not led of the Holy spirit, he was like an actor reading his lines...and looked as interested as if he were reading off his laundry list. He looked over fed, and indulgent of this world's food, and starved of the food of the Lord. There was nothing simultaneous or spirit led about the man, he was an “actor” reading his lines, with different voice inflictions, trying to convince us of his made me want to vomit.... What happened to spirit filled worship leaders? This man has probably worked his way to this position, or been appointed .. he certainly seemed filled with himself...he read everything as the Catholic Priests do, nothing from his sad! Lord help those poor people under this mans “ministry”.

They had an "entertainer", “singing”, complete with his cowboy hat on, which by the way, does not even custom tell us that a gentleman takes his hat off in the house?
He sang of some woman wearing his ring, this was not even remotely worship, yet to be fair, he was listed in their itinerary as "a singer" ... Dear Lord help this "church" and her leaders! Twice dead!!!!

I tell you saints these people were opening for the likes of..Carter Conlon

David Ravenhill, Al Whittinghill, Keith Daniel, Roger Ellsworth and Paul Washer!

Are these men at all embarrassed about their opening acts?

I had tuned in because I thought oh this ought to be pretty interesting...Oh boy when will I ever learn?

Anything it seems organized by the apostate church system is a stench in the nostrils of God and His children these days!

Carter Conlon came on after the cowboy, looking like a well groomed funeral director, Al Whittinghill came on after the dead "worship" leader, he came on looking like a slick used car sales man..(he does have "good" hair)  Oh dear Lord help us!
Such religiousness, such pretence, such arrogance, such self assurance, such pomp and ceremony....were oh Lord, are the humble spirit led servants?

Neither had the courage to address those who opened for them, yet both spoke of the need for the fear of God, and the need for repentance!  But what about the need for sincerity and humility, and the leading of the Holy Spirit?

As much as I might liked to have heard some more of what was said, I had to turn if off... 

Then I turned it back on and heard some great morsels from the Late Leonard Ravenhills son....
Then Paul Washer had some good morsels as well, howbeit, he is a staunch calvinist, and pointed out the worship is not just "singing" praise.
Amen to that praise must come from the heart, for it is written that God seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We can do that by testifying as well..not just singing...
Amen to that!
I have learned in my years of following the Lord, that I can trust Him alone, and His written word, as understanding it led of the Holy Spirit! Men may have some good words to share, but my trust is in the Lord alone!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Update on Sarahs latest surgery

Update, for all the precious saints who have prayed for my daughter Sarah :

Yesterday, they were able to laser off adhesions from her trachea, and laser the back side of her vocal cords open.

However she is facing another surgery at a later date to permanently open the front of her vocal cords, as the specialist said that they abscessed while she was in MICU. Evidently, according to the specialist, whilst she had her original breathing tube down through her mouth whilst she was on the ventilator.

Those abscesses have turned to a bone consistency, and according to the specialist, he has never seen any miracle return to normality, no miracle recoveries to normal.

So he says she can choose to have her voice, and keep the trachea tube in her neck the rest of her life, or have the vocal cords cut open, via an incision in her neck and have a very weak whisper of a husky voice the rest of her life.

The good news is she won’t have to have her chin sown to her chest, since the major problem is with her voice box...

But!!! since he has said, he has never seen any miracle recoveries in this voice box problem before, you just know that God would love to show him one!

Please continue to pray for Sarah for the Glory of God and the encouragement of others. I love and appreciate all those who have born long with us in Sarah’s situation, May the Lord bless you greatly with heavenly blessings in Glory!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Should we as the children of God be seeking to escape the trials of this world by doping ourselves up with alcohol, or drugs of any kind?
Are we not to lean upon the Lord, are we not to look to Him for our peace and our rest?
Are we not to look to Him for our strength, and our comfort?
"Recreational" drugs...what is with this term?
Recreation: Any pleasurable interest, amusement...
Is that to be the pursuit of the spirit filled child of God..pleasure, amusement?
Are we in an hour in which we are to seek pleasure and amusement? I think not!
Educate your self on the side affects and long term usage of alcohol and recreational drugs it not be ignorant of the devices of Satan that entrap men and womens souls. Do not wink at these things.
Pot smoking does lead to long term addiction with some, and it also leads a lot of people to seek an even higher high.
For people who have not spent a great deal of time around addicts, to say that it does not, is to for them to live in ignorance, and to believe a lie from the compromising under belly of the serpent, who loves to say, "Thou shalt not surely die!"
A priest of God should not entangle themselves with the pleasures, and amusements of this world, they should be setting their hearts on the heavenlies.
Believe not every spirit saints of God, try the spirits to see of what source they are, for many deceivers are gone out into the world. Much compromise is going on in the body of Christ in this hour, flee those who would lead you astray from the truth of the Word of God. Cleanse your hearts and purify your minds...Jesus was not a wine bibber or a pot head....He sought to do the fathers will, not His own, He sought to bring Glory to God, not shame....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cut and Paste Blog? Sorry Anon, I shall try to do better!

To my anon commenter...
If it is worthy of cut and pasting, I cut and I paste, life is busy, and sorry I don't always have the time to write here. I appreciate what others share, the Lord uses all His children to edify and inform the whole of  His body. If you are feeling let down, I appologize, perhaps I should pay more heed to those who actually come here at times..I have been sharing a lot of things at times on face book, and several u-tube videos, perhaps you can check out the videos.

I can say that the Lord is Good, and His Grace and Mercy, His strength, and His provision and His comfort are what keep me going...if you don't know Him, you are certainly missing out on all He has to offer those who love Him.

Another claiming to be the Messiah...move over mate...