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Saturday, June 27, 2015

How long before the "Church" folds

Who will stand against Homosexual Marriage, and how long will they stand?
All the fair speeches of any of those who will at first stand up tor the celebrity of it all, against Homosexual marriage, will do it so that people can say, "Oh look how so and so is standing against homosexual marriage, how wonderful".. If pastors are not willing to stand outside killing centers where "the shedding of innocent blood" goes on daily in this country, you can pretty much know, that if any stand against it to begin with, when the rubber meets the road you won't see them for dust. For they will not let go of "their" churches, "their" ministries or "their" kingdoms, or "their" freedom. I have been witness to the true cowardace of pastors. How many pastors do you know who stand out at killing centers today? My point made. Why won't they do it? They fear man, not God! Oh but that is different, you say, how is it different? We are where we are today, because we as a church are cowards, we care more for our own flesh, than we do the whole sale slaughter of the most innocent among us. If pastors and churches had stood and continued to stand against abortion back in the 1990's, when it was the popular thing to do, God would have moved on this land for the good, but we all chose to do nothing, after all it was "against the law" and "Christians" after all, should obey the laws of the land, why we must not participate in civil disobedience. Well I tell you the protestors wont be in it for the long haul, so don't get your hopes up, because they fear man, more than God, and no one wants to be arrested and go to jail. Now like it or not that's the truth!