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Sunday, January 22, 2017


My personal observations and thoughts on these women's marches across the nation and the world yesterday. As I viewed several shots of these Marches across America, I saw Muslim woman scattered amongst the crowds... most interesting.

Now these women of America and the world were marching for their right to keep SLAUGHTERING THEIR OFFSPRING, that are most of the time the product of FORNICATION, also for the freedom to continue THE SHEDDING OF INNOCENT BLOOD and the freedom to continue all manner of SEXUAL PERVERSIONS.

The reason these women are so ANGRY is because they know they are doing evil, they sin continuously against their own bodies.  All men and women know right from wrong... don’t be deceived, sinners know they are doing evil, I know I once was one of them. Don’t support Hollywood for it is the headquarters of Demons. Even if you derive pleasure from it, forsake it, for it is soon to fall under God’s Judgment.

Most interesting that the Muslim community find it a great opportunity to insert themselves with such as these. Now don’t be fooled in this either, because it is still the goal of their leaders to take over the land, and if they can get the violent and the rebellious, the witches to accept them and see them an ally, then that’s all the better for them. 

Meanwhile the Muslim clerics work their way into the National Cathedral with their prayers and their presence, that they may be seen as “spiritual” companions. Don’t be deceived by this either.

Saints we are moving ever closer to the coming of JESUS CHRIST  who is not returning as the MEEK LAMB but as the KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS in the FIERCENESS AND WRATH OF ALMIGHTY GOD.