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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sin in the Camp!

In reading Isaiah 58-59 today, I see some vivid similarities to the state of many who call themselves of God’s people today.

“Sin” the nasty little word no one wants to speak of these days. Evidently everybody partakes in it, so why even mention it.

“It’s not our job“, say some, “to even give it a thought“. “God will take care of it”, they say, “He is the judge.”

“We are saved, God gave us the world and everything in it to enjoy to the fullest.”

And oh, “We have the blood of Jesus Christ to cover our sins, so we can “sin” and we’re covered ok!”

Personally to treat the blood of Christ so lightly, I believe is like playing Russian Roulette. God is not mocked!

Well it is written, that God’s people have always had a problem with “sin“, and it’s more than obvious to the astute, the observant, that we still do today. Unfortunately people have changed little over the centuries, we think we are better than the children of Israel in the Old testament, but we are not.

God’s people as it is written, were lazy, greedy, boastful, angry, selfish, amongst other things, and filled with blood guilt. They turned their backs while the innocent were being led to the slaughter, and pretended like nothing was happening, and pretended that they knew nothing, but God knew! None called for justice, nor pleaded for truth, none cared for his brother, it was all about pleasing ones self, elevating oneself, while still appearing Religious.

Now it is written, that these people of God sought Him daily, they fasted, they delighted in knowing the ways of God, yet they did not follow His ways, they delighted in their ability to approach God. Religious Pride was their thing, it was all about the public perception. They even dared to complain when God did not hear their fast backed petitions to Him. Religious arrogance, sound familiar?

Truth is a rare commodity today in this hour, for many seek to pervert it, mask it, cover it, hide it. The truth is God’s people are expert at smoke and mirrors. God told His people what He delighted in, and that was to show the people their "sins", and to loose the bands of wickedness, and undo the heavy burdens, and let the oppressed go free, and break every yoke, to feed the hungry amongst them, and house the poor. To rend their hearts and not their garments. So many today are hard of heart. If we have no love for our brothers how can we say we love God?

Now we know that it is written, that in Jesus day, he spoke to the Religious who did all things well, as far as the outward appearance. They even preached well, and taught well, but they did not live well. Although to all outward appearances they seemed like Godly people, God said their hearts were far from Him, and they were white washed dead men. God does not look upon your facade, He looks upon your heart saint of God. You can fool everyone on this earth, but woe to you who attempt to fool God!

He delights in us, when our hearts go out to the poor, and the needy amongst our brethren, and when we minister to the afflicted in soul, when we care for the things of others, when we bare the fruit of our Father.
Blessings to you all!