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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weary Not In Well Doing


First of all, I have 9 pages of records of what God has performed for us this last year or so, in ways we could not have perceived, (no I am not speaking of myself in the 3rd person, I am referring to myself and my 3 grandsons and my daughter) but I want to use a different side of our situation to exhort you all saints.

We must be doers of the word, and not hearers only, we must not shut off our bowels of compassion and mercy towards our brethren. We must be longsuffering, which means we are in for the long haul, with the patience that the Lord displays towards each and every one of us. We must be willing to suffer and bear long with each other as Christ does with us. For we are exhorted to not weary in well doing.

I received a “Christmas” card from a lady who attends a “Church” directly opposite my house, she acknowledged that she was aware of our “hard” circumstance this past year or so. Now I know this lady has a computer, and a phone, and is in the direct area of my house at least 2-3 times a week, yet I have not once seen her, not once has she sent me and e-mail, not once has she picked up a phone, even to give me a word of encouragement.

Now I say this not because this is a source of discomfort, or distress for me, because you see the Lord is my all sufficiency in every way, but I say this because this is a prime example of the apostate church system, if you don’t “go” to “their church“, then they are not obligated to minister to you in any fashion, period. So everything the Lord moved me to do in that church, and for her, and what at the time I thought were my brothers and sisters in Christ, became nil and void once I left their fellowship, so sad.

Another day I was struggling in my rather large front yard, to mow it with the small hand mower, because the riding mower broke down, while a young fellow at the church across the street joyfully mowed the church yard, on his high tec riding mower, he could see me struggling...yet just kept on mowing the church yard.  Saints don’t be like that, when you see a need, when you know of a need, be used of God. The Lord moved on another neighbor to fix my riding mower (2 1/2 acres is a lot to mow-and yes I thank God for the 2 1/2 acres and the riding mower, bear with me just trying to make a greater point here.)

I have also had the odd, "Job’s comforter" pop up, as we all do in our times of trial, but I am not going

I had another friend in town call me the other day, and tell me she was sorry for being such a bad friend to me in my time of need. She said, “I remember down through the years when ever I had a crisis, you always dropped everything and came running right over to help me.” I told her I understood, we all get busy with life.

We have had yet other saints who we barley know, reach out to us in love, and with compassion, and who have been an untold blessing, all in anonymity sounding no trumpet before themselves, nor in their own wake...I have had phone calls from dear precious saints, with words of encouragement, or ears to hear and understand. I have had Skype sessions and IM’s on face book and e-mails from saints who have been used of God to minister to us. We have seen the love of God in action, for love is an action, not a word. We have one friend in our area, who is always a blessing and calls at least once a month to see how we are all doing, she has brought us food at different times, and blessed us in other ways, and saints this is how it should be amongst the brethren.

I know it is hard to bear with those in time of trial, because at times the trial can last a long time, but the Lord said, that we should not grow weary in well doing, for we shall reap if we faint not. We need to look to Him to sustain us, as we suffer long with a brother or a sister. We need not to be weary in well doing. We also need to remember that perhaps at some point we ourselves will be placed into a time of trial, and the same Mercy and compassion that we have shown will be returned to us. For in as much as we do it unto the least of His brethren, we do it unto Him.
Helen/aka a seed sower!