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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Truth about our founding "fathers"

Saints please join me in prayer for my grandson

Oh Lord my heart bleeds for my grandson who has chosen his way,
who is miserable and broken, without a father, without direction,
who is lost in his sin, and bound by the enemy,
who is deceived, and so easily led by others,
whom Satan has bound with chains,
who has believed the lies of a brother hood of evil young men,
young men as lost as himself, as troubled as himself,
who have set their hearts to do evil in rebellion against you alone O Lord,
who all think themselves to be above you O Lord,
who all believe there is no escape but death O Lord.

But Lord, I know that you are able to deliver to the utter most.
I know O Lord, that it is you who can tear down strongholds,
who can break the chains that bind the deceived,
who can set the captives free,
who can change the hearts of men.

I know O Lord that nothing is impossible for you,
I know O Lord that this is nothing new to you, or too hard for you,
for you O Lord, know the hearts of all men, that they are wicked.
I know O Lord, of your great Mercy toward the sons of men.

I know O Lord that you are able and Mighty to save.
and I ask you O Lord, that for your Glory alone,
that you would reach down and save my grandson’s soul.

I ask O Lord, that every plan that Satan has conceived for his soul,
that you would tear down O Lord,
and that you would bind all the works of the enemy over him,
that you O Lord, would loose every chain that binds his soul,
that you O Lord, would destroy the works of the Devil and set him free.