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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Christians and Politics - Like Oil and Water they don't mix!

Remember Jesus never once involved Himself with the politics of His day and time. He did not organized rallies, He took no poles, He encouraged no protests. He instructed His people not to involve themselves in the affairs of this world, period. He exhorted His people to set their sights on the Heavens not on the things of this world. He instructed His people not to look to the world for their help, and to put their Hope in Him, not in politicians. Christians and Politics should never try to mix, it doesn't work! 

Religiosity - I hate it!

Religiosity,  I just cant stand it,  those touting their time in this seminary or that, it makes me sick. I am so sick of organized dead religion, dead people who do not even comprehend their own emptiness their own pomposity. They  don’t even realize the extent of their pride, and how it is choking them, they are so used to being given the forefront.

I started to listen to a particular preacher who was a guest at a church, a church that posts videos online, that I often tune into, to listen to a particular speaker. As I listened to their particular guest, I became sicker and sicker, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and make myself listen, but I had to stop.

I don’t  understand why people don’t get up and leave, why they don’t say something, they are spineless. Ministers are like a fraternity they all stand up for one another, at the expense of the submissive sheep.

Listen saints of God, the Lord is not impressed by your seminary attendance, your doctorates, your titles, your knowledge. He knows your insides are full of dead men’s bones.  Jesus was the Lord of Glory come to earth to save our souls, He wasn’t puffed up He didn’t flaunt Himself, He humbled Himself.

I think some ministers are so impressed by their following, they forget that they are ants in God’s sight, that He could extinguish them at any moment, then they shall give account for their Religiosity.

In order to be used of God Almighty, He has to be the one who stand’s out, not us. He has to be the One who is lifted up, not us.  We have to always keep in mind where He brought us from, we have to keep in mind that we are all merely Brethren, and if we are used of Him for His pleasure, the Glory is all His not ours.