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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Guidance And Gifts of The Holy Spirit Are What Keep The Children of God From Deception!

Photo-False Prophet Kim clement and his wife. (this man is a warlock (sorcerer), and his wife is a witch)

I visited an inmate in a prison yesterday, a first time event for me.... but I came away knowing that I had been in the presence of the most high God who dwells within this young man....

Prison walls are no barrier to the open, sincere and repentant heart, is all He requires.

This young man was witnessing to one that is lost and visiting him, along with myself, and telling how he once was blind, walking through life as if his hands covered his eyes, but now how God had opened his eyes and given him discernment to be able to tell the difference between the sheep and the goats, and the great Peace that God has given to him, and how God is providing his every need.

He also told us of an instance of a woman minister coming into the prison with a Kim Clement video, and how he was not drawn to pay any attention to what Clement was saying. Then how the woman had given each person a brochure, and when this young man opened it, he saw Kim Clement sitting and his wife standing behind him with her jewelry on...and the background of the brochure faded so that all he could see was Clement and his wife, and the Holy Spirit told him, "This man is a warlock and his wife is a witch...

I searched the Internet and from the vivid way the young man described the photo in the brochure, I think I have found the exact picture, and that is what I have posted above.

God is Good!

There are many who are free to walk the streets, unlike this young man, and there are many in the "Church" who consider themselves free, who are in bondage and completely without any discernment.
There are many in the "church" who follow blindly after False Prophet Kim Clement.
This young man however is more free than many in the "church" and has been given the gift of discernment to know a Warlock and a Witch when he sees them.

He also said God had showed him the error in the word of faith doctrine and its preachers like Joyce Meyers, instantly.
I tell you saints when a heart is sincerely seeking God and His Truth, He doesn't allow us to be deceived and led off into gross error...He is the Good Shepherd!

I must tell you that this young man knew nothing of Kim Clement or Joyce Meyers, or the "word of faith" doctrine, before this woman came to the prison.

We must pray saints, because this false Word of Faith doctrine, and all these false teachers, seem to have free reign in the prisons. Prisoners do not need to be led into more gross error, by the deceiver.
This young man is being used mightily of the LORD, please pray that God will use him to open eyes to false doctrine that men may be saved

This young man spends his days in the word of God, and God speaks to him in dreams and through His word. God has done a mighty thing. The Holy Spirit is not stopped by walls!!!

I came away greatly encouraged in the Greatness of our God, and convicted to spend more time in the Word and more time in prayer. The glow of God is so very present in this young man, that I covet the intimacy that he has with the LORD...saints we are to covet the good things of God.

Oh, and I almost forgot, he also shared, another dream he had, of walking bear footed and handing out this brilliant white fluffy substance to starving people (he is always barefoot in all his dreams (as Moses was told-remove your shoes, for the ground on which you tread-is HOLY)..)
I will only touch briefly on what we are able to discern is the interpretation...."There is coming a time of great hunger (perhaps both spiritual and literal) for the children of God, but God is going to feed His children, as He feed His children in the wilderness, with Manna from Heaven, and when given of this manna, even a small amount shall satisfy!"

May you be blessed and encouraged saints of God!!


DianaK(creeky37) said...

God's Spirit is being poured out.

Joel 3:28 “ And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.
29 And also on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

diana said...

Hi Helen, thanks for these words. I just prayed for that young man who is physically behind bars but more free than many.
In Christ,

JR Peacher said...

Sister Helen, There is alot going on under the umbrella of "religion" and I agree with you that we must be vigilent as never before. There are many lying spirits on the prowl that will, without a doubt deceive all they can.

We must be ROOTED AND GROUNDED in the Word. I posted an article by Asher Instrater on my blog that addresses the subject of those who call Jesus LORD, but do not really know Him or just as important, obey Him.

Have a great day! I have just finished shoveling out a 700 foot driveway, 32 inches of snow!!! And it is snowing again; this time they are calling for a possible 20 additional inches!!! (D.C. Metro Area...)

I have been praying Scripture while shoveling the past 3 days; He promised that the same Spirit that raised up Christ from the dead will quicken our mortal bodies...AND HE HAS, HE DOES AND HE WILL ALWAYS KEEP HIS WORD!

A Seed Sower-Merely one of the brethren! said...

OH boy brother Randy thats a lota snow we only have 6 inches...take it easy on the shoveling...

Anonymous said...

I wish so much that I had known all of this sooner. I have just been put through hell with Kim Clements good friends, Marty and Tracy Layton. I believe that God was revealing the same things to me about Marty and Tracy. I believe that Marty Layton is a satanist and his wife may be a witch. Tracy would NEVER pray with anyone. It was confirmed to me that Marty is illuminati. There are things though that I just cannot say publicly about these people. However, I have been writing a page about these false teachers and prophets on TBN and my personal horror story on my .org.

People need to STOP FOLLOWING MEN and read their bibles. People need to be asking God for wisdom and discernment because we are living in an "Age of Deception." Satan has placed his people all over the church to deceive people. This is why there is so much horror going on inside the church. This is why there is so much sin and why the occult is coming into the church!

A Seed Sower said...

The Lord is Good, and He has perfect timing, we may not understand, but He always reveals the truth to His children, Praise God you know now Prophecies of Revelation!