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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Conquerer Has Vanquished the Enemy of Our Souls!

When ever my heart is sick, and I am distraught at the things I see around me,  I think of what my saviour endured...I think on what God has suffered on my account, on those who dispised and rejected Jesus, and spat upon Him, and taunted Him. I then remember that I am being made a partaker of His suffering, in a very small way, that when He is revealed I may rejoice with Him in Glory. If I suffer with Him, I shall also reign with Him!
I also remember that this current world is not all there is, that there is coming a day in which true Godly righetousness shall reign, all evil shall be vanquished by His mighty hand.
So saints although we are counted as sheep for the slaughter, we are more than conquerers through Him that loved us...loved us enough to save our souls, and prepare a place for us that where He is there we may be also!
Though you may be sorely tried, it is for your eternal benefit, that you might be a witness of the Great keeping, and sustaining power, of Almighty God, for He is able to keep those who have been committed to Him!!!
Therefore we hope in Him, though we see no answer, we hope in Him though we see no way out, for faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of which we do not see....

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