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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sermon Index's Live/Dead-Simulcast "Event" Oct 21-11 2011!!!!

Sermon Index's Live Simulcast Event Oct 21-22, for me was more like the night of the living dead!!!!!

Oh my lands saints, I was sent a link yesterday by Andrew Stroms ministry, to a live stream simulcast “event”, and saints it got me so angry at times, I had to turn down the volume so I could not hear the fakeness in some of the people, especially the so called “worship” leader. He was so not led of the Holy spirit, he was like an actor reading his lines...and looked as interested as if he were reading off his laundry list. He looked over fed, and indulgent of this world's food, and starved of the food of the Lord. There was nothing simultaneous or spirit led about the man, he was an “actor” reading his lines, with different voice inflictions, trying to convince us of his made me want to vomit.... What happened to spirit filled worship leaders? This man has probably worked his way to this position, or been appointed .. he certainly seemed filled with himself...he read everything as the Catholic Priests do, nothing from his sad! Lord help those poor people under this mans “ministry”.

They had an "entertainer", “singing”, complete with his cowboy hat on, which by the way, does not even custom tell us that a gentleman takes his hat off in the house?
He sang of some woman wearing his ring, this was not even remotely worship, yet to be fair, he was listed in their itinerary as "a singer" ... Dear Lord help this "church" and her leaders! Twice dead!!!!

I tell you saints these people were opening for the likes of..Carter Conlon

David Ravenhill, Al Whittinghill, Keith Daniel, Roger Ellsworth and Paul Washer!

Are these men at all embarrassed about their opening acts?

I had tuned in because I thought oh this ought to be pretty interesting...Oh boy when will I ever learn?

Anything it seems organized by the apostate church system is a stench in the nostrils of God and His children these days!

Carter Conlon came on after the cowboy, looking like a well groomed funeral director, Al Whittinghill came on after the dead "worship" leader, he came on looking like a slick used car sales man..(he does have "good" hair)  Oh dear Lord help us!
Such religiousness, such pretence, such arrogance, such self assurance, such pomp and ceremony....were oh Lord, are the humble spirit led servants?

Neither had the courage to address those who opened for them, yet both spoke of the need for the fear of God, and the need for repentance!  But what about the need for sincerity and humility, and the leading of the Holy Spirit?

As much as I might liked to have heard some more of what was said, I had to turn if off... 

Then I turned it back on and heard some great morsels from the Late Leonard Ravenhills son....
Then Paul Washer had some good morsels as well, howbeit, he is a staunch calvinist, and pointed out the worship is not just "singing" praise.
Amen to that praise must come from the heart, for it is written that God seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We can do that by testifying as well..not just singing...
Amen to that!
I have learned in my years of following the Lord, that I can trust Him alone, and His written word, as understanding it led of the Holy Spirit! Men may have some good words to share, but my trust is in the Lord alone!


Anonymous said...

I miss Brother Dave and Leonard Ravenhill so much my heart actually aches for those days. I asked God quite a while back what I was to do now that they were gone; I felt Him ask me , "what is wrong with you?" You can draw as near to me as these two were.


A Seed Sower said...

Yes bro Randy it is easy to follow and admire certain men of God, but they are just mere men who allowed themselves to be used of God, just as any of us can vessels of the living God who is greater than all!!!!! The Lord always raises up others who will speak the truth, and feed the sheep with good morsels!