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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cut and Paste Blog? Sorry Anon, I shall try to do better!

To my anon commenter...
If it is worthy of cut and pasting, I cut and I paste, life is busy, and sorry I don't always have the time to write here. I appreciate what others share, the Lord uses all His children to edify and inform the whole of  His body. If you are feeling let down, I appologize, perhaps I should pay more heed to those who actually come here at times..I have been sharing a lot of things at times on face book, and several u-tube videos, perhaps you can check out the videos.

I can say that the Lord is Good, and His Grace and Mercy, His strength, and His provision and His comfort are what keep me going...if you don't know Him, you are certainly missing out on all He has to offer those who love Him.

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