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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Should we as the children of God be seeking to escape the trials of this world by doping ourselves up with alcohol, or drugs of any kind?
Are we not to lean upon the Lord, are we not to look to Him for our peace and our rest?
Are we not to look to Him for our strength, and our comfort?
"Recreational" drugs...what is with this term?
Recreation: Any pleasurable interest, amusement...
Is that to be the pursuit of the spirit filled child of God..pleasure, amusement?
Are we in an hour in which we are to seek pleasure and amusement? I think not!
Educate your self on the side affects and long term usage of alcohol and recreational drugs it not be ignorant of the devices of Satan that entrap men and womens souls. Do not wink at these things.
Pot smoking does lead to long term addiction with some, and it also leads a lot of people to seek an even higher high.
For people who have not spent a great deal of time around addicts, to say that it does not, is to for them to live in ignorance, and to believe a lie from the compromising under belly of the serpent, who loves to say, "Thou shalt not surely die!"
A priest of God should not entangle themselves with the pleasures, and amusements of this world, they should be setting their hearts on the heavenlies.
Believe not every spirit saints of God, try the spirits to see of what source they are, for many deceivers are gone out into the world. Much compromise is going on in the body of Christ in this hour, flee those who would lead you astray from the truth of the Word of God. Cleanse your hearts and purify your minds...Jesus was not a wine bibber or a pot head....He sought to do the fathers will, not His own, He sought to bring Glory to God, not shame....

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