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Friday, November 6, 2009

Blood Thirsty Islam Strikes Again!

The Muslims like to teach their children to love the shedding of blood at an early age!

The Muslim shooter of our troops at Fort Hood in Texas, was an advisor on the Obama transition simply lovely!

To borrow a quote from a friend we are not at war with terrorists we are at war with Islam!

In medical school this shooter is said to have tried to convert his patients to Islam.

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randy said...

I do believe the carnage has begun. It started, I feel, the day former President Bush declared that it was US policy to advance the formation of a Palestinian state, "side by side" with Israel. The pace has quickened; I can feel it in my spirit. We are entering into a dangerous period; especially those who are strong supporters of Israel and the belief that God, who has said, that Israel is a nation before Him forever, will see that she will never go into captivity and dispersion again.