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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Year From Hell!

Not only has this been the year from Hell when it comes to politics, and the decline of our country, but it has been the year from Hell for me personally, and I am sure others can say the same. Because all the saints of God are being tried.
The last year Satan (with God's permission) has started an offensive against my soul to attempt to destroy my faith, by wreaking havoc and turmoil in my family. He has played dirty, he has set his demonic hoards loose to divide and conquer.

He has taken family members from me, thinking I with a broken heart, would just curse God and forget Him. He has broken other family members, again thinking I would just curse God, feel sorry for myself and retreat into, well who knows what he was is hoping for. He has enticed and lured and brought down yet other family members who are in bondage, believing these things will kill the old girl and she will deny God.

He has generally caused destruction, this year has truly been the year from hell!

But let me tell you saints, God is Good, and God is Faithful. Saints of God you are not alone in your trials.

And as much as Satan has plans for me, God has plans for me also, and saint of God He has plans for you to!

we just hold fast to our faith in Jesus Christ, saints nothing, absolutely nothing shall separate us from our God.

The LORD has given me a covering of His Holy Spirit through all these things, Praise His Holy Name. These things are on going, but I know saints of God that I shall be victorious in all of them through Christ Jesus, and though He slay me yet shall I trust in HIM!

We must all learn to Trust in the Lord in the day of adversity and not faint, or we shall not stand in the hour that is to come.

This blog is not intended to illicit pity from any of you, but rather to let you know that you are not alone in your trials. We all have trials and tribulations, and God is Faithful to deliver us out of all of them, and He is able to also keep us in the midst of our trials.

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randy said...

Sister Helen-Do not feel like the Lone Ranger!! The verse often comes to my mind in the midst of our issues that we must through much tribulation enter into the Kingdom...I feel the closer one gets to the heavenly, the more fierce the opposition becomes.

If this is the context of our situation, we are well on our way to entering in. My family may have the teeth marks of the enemy on our backside, but we are not going to be detered or distracted in our race to the finish!!

Truly, our heart is fixed and we are confident that He who has called us is WELL ABLE to see us through into His glorious presence.

One day soon we will look back on the what we have come through and we will be able to say It Has Been Worth It All!

Often, after a series of what may seem to be shortcomings or judgement or temptations or whatever, when everything turns into a spiritual blob, I remind myself, as did King David quite often -

"The LORD has heard the voice of my weeping...The LORD has heard the voice of my supplication...The LORD will recieve my prayer!!!

Our heart is fixed; and we will be at ease! May He give us grace, as only He can.