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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Word of Encouragement for the Remnant

The Glory of The LORD Shall sine upon His Own!
For all those who feel isolated in this present world, who are feeling alone, and perhaps you hunger for something of the LORD, that you are not receiving, please be encouraged today. Keep pressing in the LORD will hear your cries.

For all those who scoff at the children of God, be warned for He shall yet deliver His own.

There is coming a day when shame shall cover the enemies of the remnant of God, when they see His delivering hand, and all those who have said, “So where is your God now?” shall be trodden down, they shall know humiliation. For God shall arise to execute His judgment. Our enemies shall have great fear for they shall see the LORD.

God has not turned his back upon his people, He will have compassion upon us, He will forgive us, and cast our iniquities into the depths of the sea. He will finish what He started in us.
As for Israel, all those who scorn Israel, and say, “Ah but the LORD is finished with you.” They shall weep when they see the love that God has for her, for He shall revive Israel for His Glory, and he shall make the world to know that He has always loved her, and they shall be ashamed.
Can God forget His creation?

Our God is Merciful!

The Lord impressed these things upon me this morning as I read Micah chapter 7. He used this chapter to lift me up, I pray this blesses you also saints. God is never to early or to late with His exhortations, and His edifications.

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