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Saturday, November 7, 2009

It Just Gets More Sinister-This is our Tax Dollars at work!

This could be us next folks, this is what happens when you speak out against the activities of the one world government, and the activities of the current government of the USA.

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randy said...

I have a strong sense that this thing is going to get very ugly. Citizens of our nation will wake up one morning to a country that is not free, totally out of control, and under martial law.

I would not want to be a police officer for nothing in this world! I have relatives who serve in law enforcement and my heart goes out to them as things come unglued.

It will be a zoo; only God will be able to save those that are His; and He WILL!

May multitudes in the valley of decision run to Him in sorrow, repentance and experience salvation.

I think of Jesus, walking on top of the waves during the great storm on the sea, as the apostles were tossed and thrown around in the boat. He leaps upon the TOPS OF THE MOUNTAINS...may He make our feet like deer feet in the coming days!