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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yes Fort Hood We Want You To Know That Americans Do Care!

A very dear friend of mine took her precious children this last weekend to Fort Hood just to let the military and their families know that some Americans do care about what happened at Fort Hood!
They also went to stand outside the hospital where the wounded soldiers are, with their signs and God placed them right where they could be seen by the wounded...All Glory to HIS Holy Name!!!

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randy said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank these dear ones from Randy and Jane Peacher. Contrary to what our President says, the United States is STILL A CHRISTIAN NATION!

I heard a news report on National Public Broadcasting (NPR) believe it or not, saying that of the 1.4 million men and women in military uniform in the United States, 500,000 of these are what they call "fundamentalist" Christians.

Of course, they said that this is why Roman Catholics and the 3 or 4 thousand Muslims serving in the military are being "evangalized" by these radical Christians. This is what causes incidents such as what just happened at Fort Hood, TX.

"Blame the soul winners"...

Thank this family for their show of support. During my tenure with the Government, I traveled with the military on occasion. For the most part, the ones I interacted with loved Israel and proclaimed to be Believers! Praise God!