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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The lost are as the dead!

The lost hear nothing, they see nothing, they understand nothing of God…the eyes of their understanding have been blinded. This includes those within the organized apostate church system of today, who have never been truly born again. That is why they see no problem joining together with the Roman Catholics, Muslims, and whatever, and whomever. That is why they have no problem bringing the world into the “Church”. They are dead and the dead know nothing….this is why it is totally futile to try and get the dead to have understanding. I heard a sister say the other day, “You can stand in a cemetery, and preach and scream and berate and curse at the dead all day long, and what good does it do? Absolutely nothing!”

No man or woman can come to Jesus except they be drawn of God. It is God who ordains men unto salvation not man. It is not man who chooses God, but God who chooses man.

Yes we are to warn the wicked of their ways, but many will not listen nor heed, because they are dead. They are dead in trespasses and sins. We have instruction to warn anyway, that their blood not be on our hands. However the rest of our responsibility is to love them with the love of Christ, for us to manifest the character and nature of Christ to them…to love our enemies, and those who spitefully use us, and persecute us…that we may be called the children of God.

It is one thing to hate all the evil we see around us it is another to be hateful to the enemy.
Jesus Christ prayed for those who murdered Him, in His agony He ministered to others. He did not yell and curse, and berate those who came to claim him for execution.

Saints so many of us have things all upside down, and inside out, today…we are out of God’s divine will…look I have been there saints, I know…and you know what? You are never too old to learn….and saints we need to learn for the hour is growing dark…the day of the Lord is approaching, faster than most are even aware, or wish to acknowledge. It is time to awake out of our slumber saints.

I heard a young saint today expressing his frustrations, for all to hear, about his lost family, his anger was obvious… was having an effect on his soul…and our anger does have an effect on our own souls saints…it eats us alive…it is unhealthy.
Oh yes, we can have righteous indignation over sin, we can weep over sin, we can travail in prayer, we can cry out to God about the sin we witness…but we must not allow it to make us bitter, and resentful and unbelieving…we must not allow our anger and frustration, to steal our faith, in God’s ability to do all things.

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DianaK(creeky37) said...

Excellent advice. Thank you!