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Friday, March 19, 2010

Women Are More Easily Deceived....

Ladies there are many women in this hour who have told you you're "All that" and more. Many have been deceived by the women's libbers and feminists. Many have been convinced that it is their place to rule the household, including their husbands. This is out of God's divine order ladies.

Eve was not taken from Adams head, but his side to be a helper and companion for him.

To give birth to his children and to care for them and her husband. Not that she should rule over him.

Eve was first deceived.

There are many religious Diva's out there today, and since I have done the first two videos on the subject, many more women who are out of God's divine order, have been brought to my attention, so there will be a part 3.

The Lord is Good ladies, and we have a place in His plan and He loves us dearly, so don't think that I am saying for one minute that we are not important to God. But let me tell you, He has opened my eyes to a few things in my past, and when I look back-I too was out of His divine order on several occasions-out of zealousness for Him-but out of order none the less. Unfortunately the apostate religious system has turned a blind eye to the religious diva's amongst them, and condoned and encouraged them.

I have known several really strong and controlling women, who had me convinced, that Women can and should have places of leadership in the body-they are wrong.

Also, I had an elderly man, who loved God, in my early walk with the Lord, whom I respected, who had me convinced that I should study to be a pastor-I did go through correspondence courses and pass, but when it came to the final interview with the A.S.G. board, it didn't pan out. They told me that since my husband was an alcoholic, it wouldn't "work out". I thank God it did not "work out"-because it was not God's divine will for me, or for any other woman to be a pastor.

God is Good saints, and He steers us to where we need to be, the times I was out of His divine order, He allowed me to feel uncomfortable, I may not have fully understood why I felt that uneasiness at the time, but Praise God I do now!
Even if it takes years, He finally lets us see our place in His body.

We are free to minister to one another, and exhort one another, and even the more so as we see the day of the LORD approaching. However we are to say out of public leadership roles, and that which causes us to usurp a man of God's divine role, and authority, whether that be in the family or in a local congregation.

Our role should be to lead people to seek reliance upon God, not upon us. As women we need to pray for discernment. Some times we are too quick to think the best of someone, when we need to keep them in perspective, and the light of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and God's divine order.

If this offends you, I pray that God leads you to seek Him to know the Truth.
Remember ladies, the serpent is subtle-he tells you..."You will not surely die" He is a liar!


worker.35 said...

Amen to that, sister -we miss the liberty and freedom in Christ that He intends us to have when we 'go all diva'! The enemy has lied to the ladies, they've believed there was freedom in this way, and they don't even realize they are in bondage! What's worse, our families and children suffer for it, while we read self help books trying to fix it. I pray more women will wake up to this truth of God and be truly free in Christ Jesus!

A Seed Sower-Merely one of the brethren! said...

Amen sister, since I started the series on "Religious Divas" people have been revealing yet more of these women to me, so there will be a part 4 if the Lord continues to lead me in that direction.
I am seeing and hearing stuff that some women are doing that will make your flesh crawl...and all in the name of God! They think more highly of themselves than they ought!

worker.35 said...

They do wax worse and worse, there's no doubt. I've been amazed (and saddened) at things I've seen first hand, as well-- My prayer has become that people would receive the love of the Truth, in order that they not receive the strong delusion. I'll be interested to see a part 4 if there is one! Lisa