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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Real Truth of " Haiti's National Repentance Service"

Here is an excerpt from a true report from one of the brethren in Haiti, Guy Mompoint:


What pens did not find ink to write in the many articles, what cameras did not find film to capture in the videos, and what voices did not find breath to state during the so-called national fasting and prayer was the ecumenical spirit of this gathering. Protestants, Catholics, Anglicans, Muslims, Voodooists, Free Masons, and a large “no-preference” crowd gathered in front of what used to be the Haitian National Palace to “pray” and stand in unity for a common cause.
The chief voodoo priest explained that the ancestral spirits caused the earthquake because they were angry with the people for turning their back on them to embrace foreign gods, including the God of Christianity.
The Muslim imam led the entire gathering with a prayer in Arabic, asking them to repeat his words. Then, at the end of the prayer, he translated for them what they just said. “Allah is the same god that you believe in. We call him Allah, you give him a different name, but he is Allah!” The applause just would not stop after his statement.
The Roman Catholic nun took advantage of this perfect opportunity to remind the people that they needed to turn towards the tender hearted, compassionate, blessed Mary, the “mother of God”. And thousands of hands were lifted in the direction of heaven, seeking the loving kindness of Mary, also known as “the mother of Haiti”.
Everyone who made it to the podium, including the President, spoke in the spirit of love, peace, tolerance, in all appearance of piousness and holiness. Heads bowed, eyes closed, with lifted hands or praying hands… How nice! End Quote

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