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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Freedom Behind Bars!

As some of you who frequent this blog are aware, I often visit a young brother in Christ (who was saved by the Sovereign Grace of God behind bars.) and I always come away edified and encouraged at what God is doing in him, and through him for the Glory of God.

Today he related a testimony to me, of how God is opening eyes in the prison, to the Dominion/ Kingdom theology, that is being brought into the prison by a particular ministry. I praise God that he has given our young brother the gift of discernment.

When the young brother first went to this particular class, he related to me some of the things that were said, like "There is no Heaven", "God wants us to bring Heaven to earth"...and a bunch of other false garbage....well the young brother instantly knew in his spirit that is was wrong....and he asked me to send him some information on the subject, so he would be better prepared to witness to others who had been taken in by this particular minister, and his wife, who go into the prison on a weekly basis, actually 2 nights a week.

So I searched the Internet and came across some very usable and informative information, in regards to Kingdom/Dominion theology, and sent it to him.

Today he related to us how that he had shared the paper with a man, whom he sensed had the true spirit of God in him, ("Some as receptive to the truth, because the spirit of God is in them, some are not, and wont hear it because the spirit of God is not in them"-this was what the young brother shared with me-which thrilled my old soul!-the Lord is teaching him so much and so fast-it is amazing.) but any way this man had been going frequently to the class.
The man read the paper, and as he was reading it, our young brother said, he had a look of excitement on his face. He thanked our brother when he got done, and said that he had been blessed by it, and had his eyes opened, and that he was not going back to that class again, and thanked our brother profusely. He also told him, that he thinks that if he had gone to that class one more time, that he may have been seduced completely by that ministers false teachings.
I believe that what happened when he read the paper, and the scriptures in the paper, was that the truth that he knew all a long in his soul, became clear to him again, it was like the Holy Spirit said, "Remember this is the truth, here I am reinforcing it for you", and all the false teaching was forced out of his soul....Praise God!!!

Our young brother has since shared this paper with several others, who's hearts have received the truth. I just praise God, that He cares about those behind bars, and that the Holy Spirit can move in mighty ways through God's people to bring freedom and truth even to the most unloved in society, those in Prison.

So you see false doctrine is not just confined to those free in this world, but it is rampant within the prisons as well...
The young brother also shared another testimony, of a young man to who has been watching the daily life of our young brother, and who told him that if it were not for God using our young brother, he would have joined the Aryan brotherhood in the prison... God is Good saints, I tell you it is such and encouragement to see the hand of God at work even behind prison bars! This young brother is never puffed up, nor arrogant, nor boastful, but is a humble young man hungry and thankful for what God is doing in and through him.
Please remember our young brother in your prayers, for God's perfect will to come to pass in his life.

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DianaK(creeky37) said...

Lord Jesus, I thank you for this young brother. I thank you for putting him exactly where YOU want him to be. You know Lord how to save us. Please bless this young brother with your saving wisdom and knowledge to reach others who are where You put them. I pray that he grows in Your grace and that you will keep him safe and protect him from the attacks of the enemy.

When you are free in Christ you are free indeed! All glory be unto you O God!