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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kim Clement A Warlock?

Notice monster logo in left corner!

Some of you who frequent this blog may recall my sharing the testimony of the young brother behind bars, who attended a bible study class where a phamplet was passed out to all in the class, and on the front of it was a photo of Kim Clement and his wife. This young brother by the hand of God through the Holy Spirit, discerned that Kim Clement was a warlock and his wife a witch. This was without any prior knowledge of the man, his wife or his ministry.

The young man then asked me if I knew any thing about Kim Clement, and he told me of his experience and described the picture to me. I then searched for and found the picture on google search, from the description he gave me, and I did the blog on the testimony, (which I must have erased when I did my occasional clean up of this blog).
I also told him when he asked me, that yes he had discerned correctly, and that what I knew of Clement, was that he was a false Prophet and a false teacher. The Lord keeps his own and helps us to discern error, and He is keeping our young brother from error.
Then today I found this video, which is a confirmation for this young man, who is consistently and constantly hungry for more of God, and wants to be assured as we all do, that he is discerning correctly by the Holy Spirit.
All Glory to the most High God!!!


Dre said...

Trinity Broadcasting Networks most famed false prophet, Kim Clement, identifies himself as "Wiccan."

If people were paying any attention to what he actually says and writes they would know this because Kim is not even hiding it.

In order to get the full story you must watch the video to the very end.

Kim Clement's Secrets

A Seed Sower said...

Thank you Dre, much appreciated, I shall check out the video.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I first looked at this picture a few months ago, and felt a really bad feeling about it, as if it were about witchcraft. It just looks really creepy, first of all...but then the weird candles, and then half of the picture behind Kim is all blacked-out....this is very if to say, we're hiding something in the dark, here. Then on his wife's side of the picture, is a big purple curtain. Why is the picture staged like this? What is the point of all this dark colors and candles? Then this weird design on his shirt? I just doesn't look like a regular pastoral or minister and wife photograph. I used to like Kim, and even went to a few of his services, over 10 years ago. I truly did feel the presence of the Lord before, but maybe that was because of me sincerely worshiping the Lord Jesus. But as time went by, I started noticing things about his website that really started bothering me. For one, he had a DRAGON on a shield on his webpage. Then just think about the title, SECRETS. What is the big secret?? Jesus did everything in the open and wants the whole world to know about Him and His SALVATION!! It's not a secret! In fact, the word OCCULT means SECRET!! So we really need to pray for Kim and his wife. This is very sad and I'm sure it breaks God's heart. How sad and how deceived they are....don't they know the Lord is coming back soon!! I just saw another picture of him....WOW....and it blatantly has the word SECRETS next to his name...with three VAVS!! The Hebrew letter VAV equals a 6....the three VAVS together maeans 666! Just like in the Monster energy drink....where it says UNLEASH THE BEAST right on its logo...It's symbol is the three claw marks...they are HEBREW VAVS ...the Hebrew letters whose numerical values each equal 6!! Then top it off with the Knights Templars cross right on top of the 666 letters! This cross he has on there is a Masonic cross! The same one used by the Nazis!! This is some very blatant stuff. May Kim and his wife repent to the Lord Jesus while there is still time.

A Seed Sower said...

Anon, thank you so much for you insight and your testimony, thank you so much for sharing I am going to put your testimony your comments on face book to hope fully wake up some other people. God bless you. Helen