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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Congressman Warns That America Is Moving Closer to A Totalitarian State

Just How Long Before This Is Chanted in The Streets?

To any true saint of God this is not a new revelation, this is no surprise, and we know who the Dictator is going to be.

We have watched for several years now, as our government has been systematically taken over by the wicked, while those who claimed to know God, stood by passively and allowed it without a fight, without even a whimper. This is what happens when Mammon becomes God in men's hearts, they compromise their integrity for it, to hang on to it. They love their position, their power, the status, they, because of this compromise, will loose their souls and their country in the process. The have been lifted up with pride, and that pride shall destroy them.

To many Christians have looked to the government to save them, the government can not save them, the government will turn on them and rend them asunder!!!!!

For many Christians God has not been enough, they have felt the need to help HIM, they have not found HIM capable to solve their problems, meet their needs, they have looked to the government and its officials to come to their aid. They have depended on the arm of their own flesh to save them, and to help them change the world.

Is God not able to sovereignly move without man?
And some will say, "Yes but, He needs us, we are his hands and feet"
What fools some Christians have become.

Is He who set the world in its place not able to deal with the smallest of matters with out man?

Well God has said, if you wish to lean on government, and the arm of your own flesh to save you, so be it!!!!!!!

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