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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

God is GREATER!!!!

As I contemplated the Obama speech, to American public school children today, I reflected on what I heard Michael Boldea say once.
He told us how that when he was a boy, he grew up under the communist regime, and had to attend a school that was run by the communists. He told how every day when he returned home from school, his grandpa-Dumitru Duduman, would spend time deprogramming him.

God kept Michael through the persecution of Christians, and through the attempted indoctrination of the communist run school system, because of the Faith of his parents, and grandparents.

Today Michael is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, Praise God!
So you, who may be feeling fear of what is upon us, keep your eyes upon Jesus, trust in HIM and teach your children at home.

Many are able to home school their children, many are not, but GOD is LORD over all HIS people and HE is able to keep our children, and grandchildren, so do not allow Satan to stir fear and doubt in your heart, because saints GOD IS GREATER, than your fears.....

There may come a time when the children are removed from the Christians, so we will all have to trust in God alone to keep the children's souls at some point.

GOD is more than able to do all things, if we will just believe and trust in HIM.

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