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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Sharing some thoughts

I was just thinking on Israel and Islam, and how the once Great Brittan and America, stood back while Islam blew innocent Jews to bits in their own streets....kidnapped their citizens murdered their children and caused the world to some how feel "sorry" for the Palestinians....

The American government is blind and it's citizens for the most part are blind, even many christians are blind to the darkness that is upon us all.
Could it be because of our apathy and empathy for Israel, that God has now allowed the enemies of Israel to invade both England and America, that we may taste of her misery and her grief? Our God is a God of Justice!

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randy said...

What has always amazed me of the scripture passage is the phrase ~ "as soon as Zion travailed..."
It is the travail part that we, or I, try to avoid. Christ said that through much tribulation we enter into the is the tribulation I also try to avoid.

If we must go through this to enter in, what is it in us that tries to avoid what God said we must go through? What a double standard I have when I really think about it!!

The great comfort of the ages is the deep, inner knowledge that He goes through with us; always leading and guiding through the valley, to the mountain top and every step in between!

This knowledge brings great comfort. We are going to need to gain a deeper understanding of this as the age of grace draws to a close. Quickly, the gathering of the gentiles is reaching its climax and the King of Glory will appear suddenly to establish His kingdom of righteousness and truth. Even so, come LORD JESUS!