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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The "Left Behind" Myth!

The same people who teach the pre-trib rapture, claim that the tribulation saints are those same spoiled, self indulgent, covetous, mammon loving, compromising, luke warm, end time Laodicean church goers who are currently amongst us. They are "Left behind" at the soon to come rapture, according to these teachers, because they were to luke warm to be raptured.
That's utter and complete nonsense!

Just how are these luke warm Christians going to have the overcoming power to stand through the tribulation?

They say that the "left behinders" will remember once the church is gone, what they were told, and will suddenly "get it" and get saved properly the second time, and be willing to give their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ....
You will find this theory no where in the Word of where!

God's Word says He will spew out the luke warm, not turn them into martyrs during the tribulation!

In fact, the "left behind" myth is on par with the church of Rome's purgatory-there are no second chances. If you don't accept and live for Jesus Christ now, you never will, even if God were to raise one from the dead!
If your not willing to crucify your flesh now and die daily you never will!
What will happen is you will believe a lie and be damned because you received not the LOVE of the TRUTH!


randy said...

Interesting thoughts, Sister Helen. Along that same line, I was speaking with the 88 year old retired (not really retired, he witnesses to everyone about Jesus!) This dear friend thinks that God is going to remove from the earth all of the elders in the faith who have been faithful, even in their old age. I have heard the same thoughts from Perry Stone's ministry.

As God removed all of the righteous before the flood, He will do the same before the ultimate destruction that is coming so very soon.

Who will half hearted believers go to for guidance and assistance and prayer then??? If we do not get very, very familiar with the Throne Room for ourselves by spending intimate time, worship and fellowship with God, we are in for some very rough times.

Seek the LORD while He may be found was this dear Pastor friends advice to me today. This infers that it may get very very difficult to do so in the coming days. Seek Him while He is near!

A Seed Sower-Merely one of the brethren! said...

Oh I believe that just like Noah and his family, the saints will be removed from the earth before the destruction of the whole earth, just not before the tribulation...God is going to creat a new heaven and a new earth in the end....we will be with HIM when He destroys the old earth by fire...

randy said...

Please forgive me! Please! But in my younger day more radical days (the late 60's) there was a radical named Stokely Carmichal, a member of the Black Liberation Movement of some kind. He wrote a book called Burn, Baby Burn. As evil and destructive as this thought was then and seems now, when we are with Him in the heavens as He once and for all destroy's all of the devils works of evil, I can then say with great gladness and rejoicing, Burn, Baby Burn....A new day will then arrive and planet earth with all of its sin and rebellion will be again renewed and live in the peace and harmony of the Living God!!!

* Sorry for bringing up the old hippie thoughts, but they just popped into my head....

A Seed Sower-Merely one of the brethren! said...

OH no worries Bro

The first I heard today that Obama had one the peace prize I said out loud. "FOR WHAT?" Then I checked out the Drudge Report and his headline (under Obamas picture) FOR WHAT?...Sheesh I tell you Brother Randy we are living in the day brother!
Even so come LORD JESUS!!!