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Saturday, July 25, 2009

All the Lambasting of Polititians, And Fear Mongering, is Not going to Accomplish Anything!

I see so many sites, active in lambasting the president, and the congress, in regards to all the evil currently active in our land, and evil is rampant, of that there is no doubt, but what does that accomplish for the kingdom of God?

Nothing! absolutely nothing!

It, however does accomplish much for the kingdom of the devil. It nurtures hate, resentment and anger in peoples hearts, even a spirit of murder.

At this point in time, only prayer can change anything. All the anger and malice toward the president, is not going to get anyone anywhere at all. He has been set over this country, because God set him in his place, and we must trust God no matter what we see, no matter what we hear.

All the fear mongering on both sides, in regards to whether to take the anti-virus shots, and vaccines, or not, means nothing, only God can protect and keep His people. If we die in Christ we go to be with Him, so what is the big panic about any way?
All the fear mongering only produces the Satanic power of fear in peoples hearts, and works to destroy our faith in God! Remember if we live or if we die, we are the Lords!

Keep your focus saints, no matter how hard Satan tries to get you to fear and panic do not, instead cover yourselves with the blood of Christ. Keep your vessels full of the oil of the Holy Spirit and stand..... We stand in Christ, in the place of calm and peace, we may be in the center of a great storm, but we through Christ can maintain peace.


Anonymous said...

I agree sister. Our enemy isn't the president. Our enemy is the devil and his agenda. What is going on in this country is so blasphemous and not many people in the church ( I'm referring to leadership) are saying anything against it. I do not condemn the president(because I have no authority to do so) nor do I hate him because he doesn't know God.

And then what's worse is going to church and having the pastor praising the name of the president. This is blasphemous! This is what I referring to in my blog about how the people of God worship this man as an idol or a prophet.

All we can do is pray for the Gospel to be proclaimed and that lives are saved. Our protection from such evil is guaranteed in His word. I pray for this president that he too will repent.

Bonny said...

The Lord sets both good and evil leaders over people - He gives us what we need and what we deserve. I have been tempted to criticise ungodly leaders myself of late, because the times are so evil and so difficult. I do believe that it is right to speak out against sin and injustice, and to have the courage to stand for what is right and honourable and godly. We must. But I do agree that we should not personally incite hatred or rebellion against leaders. Above all we should, as far as possible, pray for them, or at least pray that bad leaders will cause sinners to cry out to God for deliverance.