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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

God Will Not Give His Glory to Another Nor His Praise to Graven Images

What has any of us taught the Lord?
Who of us was with Him when He created all things?
Who would dare advise the Lord Himself or give Him council?

Many who have put themselves in the forefront of ministry today, whether they be priest, pastor, evangelist, prophet, put themselves in daily jeopardy with God, when they allow the adulation of the sheep. Or when they seek the praise and the Glory that belongs to God alone.

If a soul is saved, it is the Lord's doing!

If a prayer is answered, it is the Lord's doing!

If a victory is won, it is the Lord's doing!

If a life is changed, it is the Lord's doing!

If the enemy is overcome, it is the Lord's doing!

It is the Lord that is in the miracle working business not men.

Those who cannot do service unto the Lord, lest they sound a trumpet before themselves, to gain the attention of men, they are on shaky ground.

God did not intend for the leaders of His sheep, or his sheep to take the Glory that belongs to Him alone.

Men and women are to point the sheep to Jesus as their High Priest, not to themselves.

Leaders are to teach the sheep to lean on Jesus, not lean on them. When leaders teach the sheep to lean on them, then they receive the praise of man that rightfully belongs to God alone.

Unfortunately men's base nature enjoys the praise of men, but this must be avoided at all costs.

The sheep are to be led into the Word of God for their council and encouragement, not taught to depend on the arm of men or women.

We have entered the hour where if men and women do not know how to access God for themselves they are going to be as the five foolish virgins...they will say, "But, Lord, Lord?"
and He will say, "I know you not", and the door shall be shut and they shall not enter in.

Isaiah 42:8
I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

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randy said...

The perfect sacrifice to God is a boken spirit and a contrite heart; these He will not despise. It is ultimately all about HIM!
His glory, His praise, His reward, His judgment, opinion and final decision in all things!
The ultimate responsibility is upon His great shoulders! What a relief for us if we really comprehend that fact. He has taken all upon Himself; and His children are a large part of the eternal, universal equasion.