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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watch out for Blind Watchmen

Those who portray themselves as watchmen, and those who warn of apostasy, often times become those who need to be watched themselves.

Case in point, one online ministry is touting the opinion of one Gary De Mar, the king of dominionists. Whether the article is intended to be a warning of De Mar's error, or a lesson for us, is not made clear.

Gary Demar, holds himself in high esteem, as do many others who hang on his every word, directing folks to buy his books, that they may come to "the light". He has led many astray into the mind set, that they can have dominion over the planet, and set things aright. He and others like him teach that we have thousands of generations to go before the return of Christ.

This doctrine of Gary De Mar, I liken to the black plague- it creeps in, you didn't see it coming, your not sure where it came from, you just don't feel right, you know something is wrong, you just cant seem to put your finger on it. Know that this is the Holy Spirit, warning you to run, because this doctrine seeks to hit your very soul, to destroy your faith in God. If you are not encased in the whole armour of God, it will strike you and kill you.

Dominionism is man's intelligence at work, supposing itself to be wiser than God. It seeks to place your faith in yourself, it teaches you to put your trust in man, and the arm of your own flesh. It teaches you to elevate your own estimation of yourself, encourages you to leave a name for yourself for generations to come. It teaches you to elevate your forefathers, and seek to become renowned like them. It teaches you to have faith in yourself and your abilities to change things.

Coach Dave Daubenmire, though he be a nice man, with many good things to share, and shares a lot of truth, he is in the same camp as Gary De Mar...he yokes himself with "Dominionsts" and "Kingdom Now" folks...but because he has such nice, and good things to say, people hold him up as a good example. JESUS IS OUR EXAMPLE!

Listen saints, the Lord taught me a long time ago..."Remember Satan is more subtle than any beast" ..."think it no strange thing that Satan is able to transform his ministers into ministers of righteousness before your eyes"....

The Big Buzz Word amongst all these folks is "Biblical World View"...big warning alert! sounds good looks good, but in the end contains deadly spiritual, faith killing poison.

Know that Satan knows the type of bait to throw out to lure the unprotected into error.

Saints don't trust anyone, who is constantly seeking to lead you to read a varied list of so called "Christian writers". It is the Word of God that you need to be engrossed in saints.

In much of man's knowledge is's wisdom does not touch on God's. God's ways and thoughts are far above ours. If you spend more time reading what man has to say about God, than you do reading your Bible and seeking to hear from him directly, you will be deceived in this hour.

Anyone who does not believe that we are living in close proximity to the return of Christ, is a blind watchman who shall be caught in his own folly.

Many are wise in their own conceits today, and pertain to know "The Truth" exclusively, and think they are the only ones who get "IT"and who are going to make "IT". They look down on those whom they perceive to be, not as smart as themselves. Beware of such folks!
A child can know the truth of God, it doesn't take a great intellect.

We are not to approach the Word of God as some great philosopher, but as a little child...the Word of God is understood through a child like faith, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, and can be understood no other is one thing to know of God, and about God, it is another thing entirely to KNOW GOD!!!!

Remember no matter the intelligence of a man, if he is devoid of the Holy Spirit he is none of HIS!

Many in this hour think more highly of themselves than they ought!
It doesn't take to long to spot an ego (the sin of pride, worship of self).... just disagree with what someone is teaching, and their ego, will manifest itself, in meaness, and insults, and berating and rejection of the one who dares question!


Anonymous said...

From what I know of most of our “kingdom now” friends they started off with a heart to follow Yeshua. But as they tried to communicate the urgency of what had been placed on their hearts (you and I know what that is) to the church they found very little receptiveness. By and large the church says basically “Peace,Peace,Peace. We will hide from all of that in our air-conditioned box and wait for Jesus. He will fix it all and we won’t have to sweat”. In time many with a heart to follow the call to action started looking for a theology to bring about what they have been called to. And they found the “kingdom now” theology. They found people like themselves that will get out and fight. But unfortunately the fight in “kingdom now’ is not really for the glory of YHWH but the glory of man. Our friends slowly got brain washed by “kingdom now” and it now owns them. I pray that they can be released from the lie of “kingdom now “ and that all of us would simply do what we have been called to do simply because we love Yeshua and because what we are called to do is right.
Shalom B’ Yeshua,

Diana Kukk said...

I was involved in this until the Lord opened my eyes. I got involved when I accepted a modern-day false gospel over 30 years ago. I was also ignorant because I didn't study God's word for myself. I relied on others to teach me.

Everything you say here is true. My friend who also calls herself a "believer" is still relying on other people's books. I am so saddened when she writes and tells me that they are starting a new bible study at her church and they are using so and so's book. Ugh... When I tell her to study God's word for herself I get no response. Lord have mercy. I can only pray for the Lord to open her eyes as he did mine. Satan is devouring the Saints and they don't even know it. May God have mercy and open their eyes and call them to repent.

Diana Kukk said...

Hi Dan. God bless you!